Preah Khan

Preah Khan was built around the same time as Angkor Thom, and like it was conceived as a whole city, though on a smaller scale. It was erected on the site of an important military victory and its outer perimeter is guarded by 72 stone garudas (winged mythological creatures depicted throughout Southeast Asia).

A stupa (a domed structure holding Buddhist relics) and numerous smaller Hindu temples indicate the spiritual mix that Preah Khan embodied. In later years it was renowned as a center of scholarly Buddhism.

The restoration program has left mighty silk-cotton tree roots undisturbed; they make an awe-inspiring sight, appearing to wrestle with the stonework. Elsewhere a two-story, round-columned pavilion of uncertain purpose is a charming, free-standing oddity.

Practical Info

Preah Khan is the northernmost of the regularly-visited sites in Angkor Archeological Park, being 8 miles (13 km) from the center of Siem Reap.
Endereço: Angkor Wat, Camboja
Horário de funcionamento: Daily, sunrise to sunset
Ingressos: 80,000 riel
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