Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian's Gate is an arch of triumph located in Antalya, Turkey. It was built in the year 130 AD and named in honor of Roman emperor Hadrian after his visit to the city. At the time, Antalya was a prosperous port city surrounded by thick defensible walls and several gates that could be sealed off to protect the city from invaders. The most impressive of the gates was Hadrian's Gate, and it is the only one that remains standing today. 

Marble columns decorate the arch on both sides. It is believed that statues of Emperor Hadrian and his family were once on top of the columns, but they are long gone now. The gate used to be two stories high, though today little is known of the second level. The stone towers next to the gate were built in different time periods, with the newest one being built in the 1200s during the Seljuk period. The stone pavement beneath the arch is marked with grooves from thousands of carts that were driven through the gate throughout many centuries. 

Practical Info

Today the gate leads from the new section of the city into Old Antalya. It is located near Atatürk Cd. near the intersection of Recep Peker Cd.
Endereço: Ataturk Cd., Antalya, Turkey, Turquia
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