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XXXX Brewery

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XXXX is famous Queensland Beer, and the XXXX Brewery is where it’s made. Detailing the history of this iconic Australian brew, the site offers tours to give visitors the full, Queensland beer experience.

In 1877, two brothers came together with a dream to create the finest ale known to man. A lofty goal, but one that the XXXX Brewery believes it has accomplished. At over 135 years old, the XXXX Brewery has a lot of history within its walls. When operations first began, beer quality was measured in Xs—gaining a rating of four was highly coveted. In 1924, XXXX produced its first four-X beer, launching a brand.

The XXXX Brewery Tour covers the brewery’s 135-year history, including ingredients, brewing methods and how to pour the perfect glass. The tour concludes with a beer tasting session and the opportunity to purchase XXXX merchandise or take lunch in the onsite alehouse.

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Excursão na Cervejaria XXXX

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Faça uma visita guiada à famosa Cervejaria XXXX de Queensland para conhecer sua história e experimentar algumas de suas melhores cervejas. Veja ...  Mais informações

  • Local: Brisbane, Austrália
  • Duração: 90 minutos
  • Idioma: Inglês
A partir de USD 24,01