Zhaojue Temple

Considered one of the most important Zen Buddhist temples in western Sichuan, Zhaojue Temple dates back to the 600s, though little remains of the original architecture. While few traces of the original buildings remain, Zhaojue Temple has made a great contribution to the culture exchange between China and foreign countries. According to Zen history, in the Kamakura period, there were 24 Zen sects in the whole country; 20 of them were from Chengdu’s Zhaojue Temple Yuanwu Keqin sect. The temple has served as a birthplace and ancestral temple for many Japanese and southeast Asian Buddhist temples over the years.

Surrounded by towering pines, cypress and bamboo in the foreground and verdant mountains in the distance, Zhaojue Temple is also known as a place of peace and tranquility. Stroll around the grounds and enjoy a meal at the excellent vegetarian restaurant there, or if pandas are of interest, the Chengdu Zoo is located just next door.

Practical Info

Zhaojue Temples is located at 333 Zhaoqing Road in the Chenghua District of Chengdu, about 3.1 miles (5 km) from the Chengdu city center. Buses are plentiful from Zhaojue bus station, and the site is also located next to the Chengdu Zoo.
Endereço: 333 Zhaoqing Rd, Chengdu, China
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