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Roseau Cruise Port

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Dominica is a sports-enthusiast’s paradise. From its hiking trails to its epic rivers, Dominica is definitely to be experienced while working up a sweat! The island also boasts a colorful, cultural heritage and is home to one of the few remaining enclaves of Caribbean indigenes.

How to Get to Roseau

The Roseau ship terminal is located right near downtown Roseau and is an easy walk to all the shops and town attractions. From there, it’s best to hire a car or use a taxi to get around the island.

One Day on Dominica

Although there are lots of fun things to see and do in town, the island highlights are more inland in the mountains, where you can see spectacular waterfalls and untouched nature. Unfortunately, these remote locations are a bit difficult to get to and are best taken in during a ship-orchestrated tour.

Excursões e Ingressos

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