Hanga Piko

A short walk along the waterfront from Hanga Roa and overlooked by a lone moai, the sleepy harbor village of Hanga Piko is the main cargo port for Easter Island and the center of its small fishing industry. Most visitors come to Hanga Piko to enjoy a boat tour around the island, taking in coastal sights like the Tahai moai and the ceremonial village of Orongo before sailing around the offshore isles of Motu Iti, Motu Nui and Motu Kao Kao. 

Back on dry land, Hanga Piko’s sole attraction is the weather-worn moai of Ahu Riata, but visit in the morning and you can watch the fishermen returning with their day’s catch, then pick up some fresh fish and seafood from the stalls along the quay.

Practical Info

Hanga Piko is located in Hanga Roa on the west coast of Easter Island. 
Endereço: Hanga Roa, Chile
Ingressos: $60
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