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Grand Etang Lake

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The Grand Etang Lake in the central highlands of Grenada was formed in a natural crater of one of the island’s extinct volcanoes. Now filled with bright blue water, multiple waterfalls and creeks flow into the lake, creating a tropical landscape that beckons to be explored. Spanning 36 acres, the lake itself is approximately 20 feet deep.

With the presence of native birds, brightly colored reptiles and rare vegetation throughout, it’s impossible not to feel the rain forest climate. Mona monkeys can be seen and heard in the neighboring jungle, while armadillos, mahogany trees, mongooses and rare tropical orchids are other sights to look for. As this is a popular hiking spot, most visitors enjoy taking the trail surrounding the lake or choose from one of many shorter treks through the lush rain forest. It takes approximately an hour and a half to hike the entire loop, but the views are worth it.

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