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Mannerheim Museum

The Mannerheim Museum is dedicated to the life and times of Finland’s national hero, Gustaf Mannerheim. As the country’s commander-in-chief during World War II, Mannerheim saved Finland from the clutches of Russia, and as the post-war president, he also managed to successfully negotiate Finland’s peace agreements with the United Kingdom and Soviet Union. Also on his impressive resume is the fact that during this lifetime, he managed to traverse 14,000 kilometers along the Silk Road from Samarkand to Beijing.

The Mannerheim Museum is housed in what was once honoree’s home, which he rented from chocolate magnate Karl Fazer from 1924 until his death in 1951. The home has been preserved in its original state, and most of the furnishings date back to the 1940s. A great place to visit for anyone interested in 20th-century European history and the Finnish psyche, the museum houses Mannerheim’s basic bedroom, a collection of hundreds of medals and other honors he received.

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