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Hoi An Central Market

On the banks of the Thu Bon river in Hoi An’s old town, Central Market is a popular spot for travelers looking to experience Vietnamese culture at its liveliest. Occupying two narrow streets, the bazaar sells just about everything you can think of, from local handicrafts to spices to silk garments.

The food stalls are especially popular: each cook specializes in just one or two dishes like pho or banh khoai crepes, and the market is also well-known to those looking to get suited up by a tailor. You can find the tailors in the market’s east end. Prices are competitive and you can usually have your custom-designed suit or Vietnamese silk dress ready within 24 hours.

Look out for the fresh fish coming onto the dock for sale too. For the freshest catch, arrive for sunrise when it’s not yet too hot and the pace of Central Market isn't yet too frantic.

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