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Rio Bueno

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Rio Bueno is a small village located 32 miles (51.5 kilometers) east of Montego Bay on the island of Jamaica. The Rio Bueno Harbour is the deepest harbor in Jamaica and the site where Columbus is believed to have first touched land in Jamaica. Visitors to Jamaica flock to this small fishing community to experience one of the most exhilarating excursions on the island: adventures along the Rio Bueno River. The river is situated in a beautiful tropical setting and movie buffs may recognize it as the location of the classic 1964 film, A High Wind in Jamaica, starring Anthony Quinn and James Coburn.

Visitors to the village of Rio Bueno can tour the ruins of a fort that dates to the 18th century and several historic buildings and churches that overlook the Caribbean Sea. The main attraction in Rio Bueno, however, is the Rio Bueno River, a favorite destination for kayaking, rafting, tubing and river boarding.

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