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Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Sure, Kangaroo Island might be a “zoo without fences” thanks to the abundant amount of wildlife, but to guarantee sightings of these curious critters, the Parndana Wildlife Park is your best bet for viewing these animals in action. Set smack in the middle of Kangaroo Island, visitors are able to cuddle with koalas or get up close and personal with wombats, or marvel at rollie-pollie, spiny echidnas as they curl into little brown balls.

There are over 1,500 animals on this 10 acre compound—many of which have been orphaned—and visitors to the park have the chance to witness these animals being nursed back to health. Grab a coffee from the park’s café after playing with a baby koala, or photograph the bright, brilliant blue feathers of a flightless cassowary. Families with children have the opportunity to hand feed kangaroos, and the park is a playground of wildlife adventure on one of Australia’s wildest islands.

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