Cacimbinhas Beach

Of Brazil’s many beaches, Cacimbinhas (Praia da Cacimbinhas) is known both for being a quieter beach — accessed only by walking down a long staircase —  and for its wind sports.  It’s a popular place for both kitesurfing and paragliding.  The beach is framed by tall cliffs, which overlook the sprawling shoreline, turquoise waters, and reddish sand dunes below.  

At almost 5 kilometers long, there are also expansive views of the coast between Tibau do Sul and Pipa.  Walking down to the beach area grants visitors a more private, secluded Brazilian beach experience.  Dolphins can be spotted in the waters off the coast. Others explore the Atlantic forest or the red sand dunes from which the beach gets its name.  

With a lack of crowds, the remote beach is a favorite for those seeking calm.  Surfing and swimming are other popular activities, depending on conditions.

Practical Info

Cacimbinha Beach can be reached by walking along the sand from Praia de Madeiro or Tibau do Sul.  It is also possible to access the beach by walking down the staircase in front of the Pipa Privilege Hotel.  The stairs are open to the public, with no admission fee.
Endereço: Tibau do Sul, Brazil, Brasil
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