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Pierre Hermé Pâtisserie

Pâtisserie Pierre Hermé, an award-winning pastry shop, was founded by the youngest person to ever be named France’s Pastry Chef of the Year. Pierre Hermé is particularly famous for his macarons, which come in a variety of exotic flavors and unique flavor combinations.

While this shop does offer classic macaron flavors such as caramel, rose, pistachio and chocolate, the pâtisserie is more famous for off-beat flavors such as green tea and girolle mushrooms. Seasonal flavors such as white truffle and foie gras are also available, and Pierre Hermé is known for combining flavors in macarons, such as yogurt and grapefruit, pistachio and raspberry or orange and carrot.

True to Pierre Hermé’s Alsatian roots, the shop also offers traditional Alsatian pastries such as a kougelhopf, a bundt cake flavored with raisins and Kirschwasser cherry brandy. Other classic French pastries can be found here as well.