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Rotorua Museum

The Rotorua region is steeped in New Zealand's history, from the days of the Maori settlers to the advent of European explorers. At the Rotorua Museum, you'll get an in-depth view of Rotorua's past, seen through cinema, galleries and historic locales.

When you get there, you'll want to spend some time in the Te Arawa and Tarawera galleries - the former houses an extensive collection of ancient Maori art and artifacts, as well as treasured antique photographs from the European colonial era. The latter is dedicated to the eruption of Mt. Tarawera and the destruction wreaked in 1886. After you've explored the galleries, you'll want to check out the Bath House, an architectural icon of yesteryear, known the world over for its supposed curative therapies and a centerpiece for New Zealand tourism. In the Bath House, guests were encouraged to bathe in various types of mineral waters during the health craze of the early 20th century.

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Excursão de 5 dias pela Baía das Ilhas, Rotorua, cavernas de Waitomo e cenário de filme Hobbiton saindo de Auckland

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Faça e veja tudo em uma aventura de cinco dias saindo de Auckland que leva você até Waitangi, Rotorua, Waitomo e a Terra Média! Sua ...  Mais informações

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