Yehliu Coast

On the coast just north of Keelung sits one of Taiwan’s most fascinating geological parks, the Yehliu Coast. Over thousands of years, wind and rain eroded away parts of the softer top layer of rock to reveal interesting patters. Some areas look like honeycombs, others like potholes, a shoe and even a queen’s head. The exposed sandstone landscape is littered with fossils, old relics of a past era. The mushroom rocks and candle-shaped rocks are among the more alien-looking formations.

Since the Yehliu Coast is less than an hour drive from Taipei, it makes a convenient day trip, especially when combined with a visit to the seaport of Keelung and Yehliu’s Baoan Temple. It’s also an extremely popular option on Taiwan tours, so if you want to escape the crowds after you’ve snapped your pictures, take a stroll down to the end of the rocky peninsula to enjoy the views in relative isolation.
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