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Cheakmus River

The Cheakamus River flows roughly parallel to the Sea-to-Sky Highway between Whistler and Vancouver, but its path is far different than the paved four-lane highway. Much of the river flows through Cheakamus Canyon, where plenty of exciting whitewater rapids and one sizeable waterfall make the river a popular rafting and kayaking route. None of the rapids are too challenging, so the trip is considered suitable for kids and parents alike.

The river is also a favorite spot for local fisherman. Coho and Chum salmon swim upriver between September and December; Bull, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout fishing is strong from late autumn until early spring; and Steelhead season typically lasts from March until May.

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Excursão de aventura e às Montanhas Whistler, incluindo entrada para o Scandinave Spa

Explore a bela Colúmbia Britânica em uma excursão de 11 horas para grupos pequenos para a vila alpina de Whistler. Saindo de Vancouver, viaje ao ...  Mais informações

  • Local: Vancouver, Canadá
  • Duração: 11 horas
A partir de USD 161,29