• Local: Acapulco, México
  • Duração: Varia (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: griff , Junho 2015

Excellent. We love Acapulco. The service by Aiator was perfect. Will use this service again when travelling.

Avaliado por: Kevin L L , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Ronald B , Janeiro 2015

The drive was on time and easily identifiable. He was courteous and informative too. I can recommend the service without hesitation.

Avaliado por: Bittoo , Canada, Janeiro 2012

Excellent service right on time.

Avaliado por: Cheryl W , Dezembro 2011

One of the best decisions we made. Great service, and it solves the problem of the taxi/transportation maze in Mexico which can be undependable, argumentative and confusing.

Avaliado por: Ceceline B , USA, Junho 2011

This was great. For the first time someone was holding my name up so I just walked over.
The driver was very friendly and talked us all the way to the hotel.
On my return trip, the driver was very friendly as well. Sounded like he would have been nicer for the City Tour. Have never been disappointed with the R/T's - it works beautifully!

Avaliado por: Dianna S , Dezembro 2010


Avaliado por: Anônimo , Maio 2010

Excellent quality van with comfortable seats and ice cold air. The driver was very courteous, prompt, and reliable. He was also informative and knowledgeable about all things Acapulco.

Avaliado por: Jeanine A , USA, Agosto 2008

When I arrived to Acapulco it was comforting to see a sign with my name on it and the driver waiting for me and my family. They were on time for my pickup and my early 5:15 am departure. I highly recommend booking this because you don't have to worry about "bargaining" with the taxi drivers. The driver was extremely courteous and informative on the drive to our condo. Also, they confirmed all travel arrangements once again a few days before leaving Acapulco.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , USA, Agosto 2008

Carefree transportation to and from airport. Would definitely use this service again.

Avaliado por: LeRoy B , USA, Julho 2007

They were there waiting with a sign, what else could you ask for.

Avaliado por: Marlene R , USA, Dezembro 2006

The weather was bad when we landed. Our driver was very skilled, very careful and got us through some serious flooding.

Avaliado por: sueor08 , Julho 2016

it was fine

Avaliado por: Anthony C , Maio 2016

The pick up on both ends were timely. I would have been much better if your company was able to pick up at the door of the Grand Mayan. I was advised when I booked and reminded when picked up at the airport. I was unhappy to learn that other operators were able to pick up at the resort.

Avaliado por: Maximilien A , Fevereiro 2013

The shuttle service was always on time for the pick up at the airport and the hotel.

Unfortunately, I think that the price for a shared van was a bit too expensive, especially when the van is really full on each trips.

Avaliado por: Edward C , USA, Março 2010

Our drivers both to and from were very good and informative regarding questions and providing a general overview of Acapulco. My one big complaint is we had to wait about 40 minutes after arriving before a van showed.

Avaliado por: Gillian H , Novembro 2015

very reliable and good punctuality

Avaliado por: Yvonne B. H , Junho 2013

The driver who picked us up from the airport stated that they would pick us up from the Grand Mayan, and that when I provided Royal Tours with our room number that he would come up to the front lobby area of the resort to pick us up.

I provided Royal Tours with our room number on April 7th. We called the day before (4/19) our pick up date to return to the airport to re-confirm.

On 4/20/13 after waiting in the lobby pick up area at Grand Mayan 20 minutes before the scheduled pick up time and 17 minutes after the pick up time, I found out the van was down the hill on the street, not in front of the Grand Mayan lobby to pick my family up, as the Royal Tours driver told us (4/6/13) would happen on 4/6/13. The driver stated he was not allowed to drive on Grand Mayan property to pick us up. I would have expected that if he arrived on time and discovered this problem, he would have come up to the pick up point on property right way, not meet me close to the bottom of the hill late as I had to walk down the hill in order for him to be allowed on property. He should have walked up the hill to inform me right away at the pick up. The delay of 25 minutes in total made us have a late arrival at the airport.