• Local: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Duração: 6 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Richard M , Janeiro 2017

Loved this excursion. The ride to Christchurch from Akaroa is spectacular and the city tour of Christchurch was really interesting. There is still much construction going on and still more demolition needed. The reconstruction appears to be extremely well planned. The building and architecture are beautiful. We are just sorry that we didn't have several days to spend in this beautiful city. We equally enjoyed the Internstional Antarctic Center. We would highly recommend this excursion.

Avaliado por: Sandy , Janeiro 2017

We had a great time on this tour - the Antarctic Centre was one of the highlights of our entire trip, our kids loved it. We had a fantastic tour guide who was extremely informative - he gave a running commentary for the whole trip which was really interesting. We had a short tour around the earthquake affected areas of Christchurch, and then on to the Antarctic Centre. The reenactment of an Antarctic blizzard was very fun but very cold!!.

Just a word of warning - It's a 1.5 bus trip from Akaroa to Christchurch along very windy roads. If you suffer from motion sickness, you should definitely take medicine before the trip, make sure you sit towards the front and bring a sick bag in case you throw up on the trip as happened on our tour!.

Avaliado por: marysuen , Dezembro 2016

The trip to the International Antarctic Centre was terrific. We were pleased to go to Christchurch but felt so much for the people who suffered the earthquake 5 years ago. Would have loved more time in Botanical Gardens and Museum.

Avaliado por: CHRISTOPHER J B , Novembro 2016

Had a brilliant day! All organisation was excellent but the highlight of the trip was the Antarctic Centre.

Avaliado por: Shane N , Abril 2016

Excellent tour..a wonderful drive into Christchurch from the port. Well worth the drive as you see such lovely scenery. The Antarctic Centre was great especially the blizzard storm at -18 degrees. Recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: nana2 , Março 2016

Long day of touring. Beautiful drive to Christchurch but too much time viewing earthquake damage. Would have loved more time in Botanical Gardens and Museum both of which were wonderful. Antarctic center interesting adventure. Wish we had more time there too.

Avaliado por: susan d , Março 2015

Was everything promised, and really enjoyed the history given by our bus driver as well, book the tour you won't be disappointed.

Avaliado por: Esther F , Março 2014


Avaliado por: Michele B , Fevereiro 2014

Great tour guide -- loved the Antarctic experience.

Avaliado por: Hugh D , Março 2013

Very enjoyable, good local knowledge from coach driver. Tour of Christchurch "red zone" was thought provoking. Antarctic visit interesting and fun.

Avaliado por: Harold P , USA, Fevereiro 2013

Great day

Avaliado por: Elisa F , Abril 2016

Tour was good except not enough time factored in for lunch break in the day. The International Antarctic is a must. Very good item in the intinerary. The drive to Christchurch from Akaroa is spectacular. Plenty to see, would have liked more time in Christchurch.

Avaliado por: arprice1 , Abril 2015

Could have spent longer at the Antartic Center. Very good!

Avaliado por: Joyce P. L , Março 2015

The driver made an extra effort to listen to our desires. The city tour was interesting with all the earthquake damage still visible, and the guide had the information and statistics about it for us. The Antarctic Center was great fun! I'd do it again!

Avaliado por: John-Edward A , United States of America, Março 2015

We are glad we were able to make this excurion but it is too bad that it takes so long to get to and from Christchurch. We were glad tho that we did get to see the City and the International Antarctic visit was interesting and enjoyable as well.

Avaliado por: Gail , Março 2014

Beautiful scenery. and the Antarctic exhibit was very interesting.

Avaliado por: Rose Mary R , Fevereiro 2014

We would have liked more time at the Antarctic Center and the museum. We understand the ships schedule precluded longer stays at these places.

Avaliado por: Margaret W , Março 2013

A good tour in a very comfortable little coach and bigger coach. It would have been nice to have been taken to a picturesque part of the river and seen a punt in action instead of being told where to go but only having enough time to find the toilet. Good commentary on drive from Akaroa but continuous. Passengers need a break from listening all of the time.

Avaliado por: Patricia L , Março 2016

We knew lunch was not included in this excursion, but still expected them to have a break where we could buy it somewhere. They did not give us a chance to eat until after 3 in the afternoon. There was a stop around 10 in the morning where we could have purchased some sandwiches had we known there'd be no lunch stop, but we were not warned. Many people cannot go this long without eating without getting physically ill. Any tour operator should know better than to let people go hungry that long.

Also, there was no commentary on the bus ride. I assume we saw Banks Peninsula - we saw some gorgeous views - but nobody identified it as such.

Avaliado por: Anthony S , Abril 2015

Our guide spent too much time showing us damaged buildings from the earthquake and vacant blocks of land where buildings used to be. We also stopped for 30minutes to view the Botanical gardens and Museum in Christchurch, that time would be better spent at the Antarctic Centre where time was limited and we did not get to see everything and only had 5 minutes to get something to eat. Tour guides need to concentrate more on the Antarctic Centre.

Avaliado por: Myles G , Abril 2015

Tour didn't start till 10.30am. There were too many things packed into this tour and not enough time. Also didn't help the fact that some people were late in arriving at the start and the bus waited for them. Not enough time to do anything - too much time spent driving through the ruins of Christchurch and not enough time at the Antarctic Centre only 1.5 hrs. Advice would be to start the tour earlier say 9.30am, skip the stop at the museum 20 mins wasn't enough time and have more time at the Antartic Centre.

Avaliado por: Karen B , Fevereiro 2015

First, International Antarctic was wonderful. I've been there and it was most realistic. Enjoyed the simulated storm. Ride in land transportation fun. Well planned, well executed, accurate, realistic. Drive to Christchurch long, but necessary since ship harbored in Akaroa. Bus tour of Christchurch much too long. Once you've seen structurally failed buildings, either obvious or not, it's not necessary to see it for 1 1/2 hours. Would have preferred more of the Antarctic exhibit and more narrative on way to Christchurch. Ask driver not to tell the tour how pressed for time we are and how much we'll miss. Just adds to anxiety, not to tour enjoyment.

Avaliado por: Richard B , Dezembro 2013

The bus ride from Akaroa was beautiful and the earthquake destruction was interesting but the tour was too short. Maybe 3 hours travel. It did not leave the dock until 10:30 and returned about 4:30. A visit to the botanical garden was about 15 minute to use the facilities and look at the garden. Nice museum there that was completely missed. Impossible. The Antarctic center was very good and fun. Guide was good but the tour needs to lengthen about an hour. Why the 10:30 departure when our ship was in at 8? Find another tour operator with a little longer schedule.

Avaliado por: Gale P , Junho 2013

There was someone right outside the port with a Canterbury Leisure Tours sign, so was easy to know what to do, But we could not understand the tour driver from Akaroa to Christchurch and returning to Akaroa. Don't know if it was the bus sound system or how he used it. We could hear the driver from CC to the Antarctic center fine. The tour was fine, but would have been nice to hear the naration with the scenery going and coming.

Avaliado por: Fred , Março 2013

A little disappointing. Christchurch 2011 earthquake devastation was incredible but spent too much time driving around looking at it. The International Antarctic Center was a little too commercial. Penguins were cute.