• Local: Amsterdã, Holanda
  • Duração: 2,5 horas (aprox.) (aproximadamente)
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Go Hungary is all I can say!

Emily Fern Webb J, Novembro 2015

Amsterdam Sausage... I wanted more of this after the Tour.

This is the FRIES

Emily Fern Webb J, Novembro 2015

For Some Reason the last photo I uploaded was from my Cruise not the Awesome Fries. So these are the Awesome Fries. Ask for half sauce if you do not like a lot.

Fries... Awesome Wonderful Fries

Emily Fern Webb J, Novembro 2015

So many sauces we could not choose. So we went with the Original Mayo for One and Garlic for the Other. If you do not like a lot of Sauce ask for half sauce because they put a lot on.

This is Sean the Tour Guide and Foodie

Emily Fern Webb J, Novembro 2015

This is where we met to have the Tour by the Statue with the Little Boy,

Mini Pancakes

Debra O, Novembro 2015

Absolutely delicious! Just plain powdered sugar was my favorite but you could have it with butter and syrup as well.

Salty fries with tasty toppings

Debra O, Novembro 2015

First stop was to taste some salty fries - delicious toppings!

Food Tour

Jeanne S, Agosto 2014

Herring Tasting