• Local: Aruba
  • Duração: 3 horas (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 65,99

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Leslie R , Outubro 2016

Great tour! We also did the snuba. Had a great time.

Avaliado por: David G , Julho 2016

Great trip. Lots of adult beverages available. I was surprised by the lack of snacks that were available on the cruise.

Avaliado por: Donna L , Julho 2016

Had a fun time on the Happy Hour Sail. We did the Snuba which is a must to try. RJ was a great Snuba instructor.

Avaliado por: wwrayburn , Junho 2016

Excellent snorkeling and the crew were friendly and fun.

Avaliado por: O'Lyvia F , Junho 2016

Snuba was amazing!! Had a great time!

Avaliado por: myrna g , Junho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Pat , United States of America, Junho 2016

Had a great time sailing and snorkeling on the Happy Hour Sail and Snorkel trip. Boat was really nice and clean. Crew was very good. Snorkeling was awesome!! Everything was provided including open bar the entire trip and plenty of food/snacks were provided. We had a very nice trip!!

Avaliado por: James R , Março 2016

You've got to SNUBA!! coolest thing ever!!

Avaliado por: NAFERTI D , Maio 2015

Highlight of the trip, amazing experience!!! Being underwater felt totally at home. Our guide Adrian was GREAT!!! He saved my life lol! I panicked for a second lol but he was calm and helpful!

Avaliado por: Katelynn U , Outubro 2012

We did the Snorkel tour with the Snuba which was amazing. We got to be almost at the bottome with the ship. I've neve done anything like that. It was completely worth spending the extra money to upgrade from just snorkel. We dove at the ship wreck first and then went to the other spot which after being after to go lower in the water without having to go up for air it wasn't the same. But the whole this was amazing. The guys on the ship were fun as well. We def got some awesome pictures from the dive.

Avaliado por: Daniel C , Julho 2012

The tour company was great! the crew on the catamaran was beyond welcoming.. Snorkeling was fun we got to see many wonderful fish and the shipwreck was pretty cool too. The catamaran was large enough where it didn't feel too crowded . Great experience it was so good we went back for the sunset cruise.

Avaliado por: Briana S , USA, Fevereiro 2010

I had a spectacular time! The crew was awesome, the appetizers and drinks were tasty! I loved being able to see a wreck underneath the ocean, the marine life as beautiful and colorful as I imagined and the catamaran ride was smooth! I will definitely reccommend!

Avaliado por: BORTOLOTTI S , Italy, Fevereiro 2010

The best activity we have done in Aruba. Catamaran huge for few people. The second snorkelling spot was great.

Avaliado por: Kent W , USA, Dezembro 2008

The people could not have been better hand picked. Expertise was impeccable. Met even my best-of-best expectations. Six stars. Must do in Aruba.

Avaliado por: Katherine Y , Janeiro 2017

Enjoyed the snuba but did not realize we could only snuba at one out of the two sites. Water was a bit murky during this time, and we wished we were underwater a bit longer.

Avaliado por: Krista S , Agosto 2013

i really enjoyed this tour. Only problem was that there were two dive spots, however you were only able to dive at one of the spots. So half of us saw the German ship, and the other half the coral reef. Would have loved to see both with the money we paid for the tour.

Avaliado por: Kathleen S , Outubro 2010

We really liked the Happy Hour Snorkel Sail on the Palm Pleasure. There were alot of smaller fish of different kinds..& a few larger ones. I'd gladly go on that catamaran again. I had some concerns about sea-sickness, but this boat was smooth as ever. The food was just ok,..not very good options for vegetarians (lettuce and cheese sandwich-may want to bring your own food). The snorkel life vests were a bit of a hassle to use so I/we went without and it was much better. Music played was distorted but set aside those few things,...we generally enjoyed the trip and would do it again.

Avaliado por: Phillip H , USA, Dezembro 2008

Fun, clean, and relaxing. Worth the trip.

Avaliado por: Daniel F , USA, Dezembro 2008

Didn't dare drink and dive so the happy half hour trip to return to port was too short. Crew, boat and equipment was top rate. The dive sites were nice but not exciting.

Avaliado por: Glenn W , Agosto 2015

Not so much....I didn't feel relaxed on this tour at all. Even though there were young bartenders on the was the leader and the owner? that made it miserable. They were shouting at people throughout the trip. I really didn't like it. Also, we had gone on another snorkeling and snuba adventure earlier in the week.....if you are going to have multiple snorkeling trips...don't go to the same places!!

Avaliado por: Corey M , Junho 2015

I paid the additional money for the snuba and we were only able to snuba 1 site and not both of them. I thought that was weird because that's not what I paid for. But that is what they said. However it was a very nice trip with great staff.

Avaliado por: Patricia M , Maio 2016

This was one of the most boring tours I have ever been on!!! Not worth the money at all!!! Only one member of the crew was even half way entertaining! They didn't even try to make it fun! The Captain was horribly grumpy! I don't even think I saw him smile! Will never again go on a DePalm Tour!!!