• Local: Aswan, Egito
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Mats U , Novembro 2015

We were met up at the train station at Aswan and immediately felt well taken care of. We then travelled in a mini bus in a convoy to Abu Simbel, which took three hours one way. The guide spoke excellent English and was very knowledgeable and gave us the historical background on the Aswan Dam and Abu Simbel. The ride thorough the Sahara desert was an experience in it self. The Abu Simbel temple was magnificent! We had a tight schedule and needed to catch our train to go back to Cairo and the guide and the driver made every effort to make sure we made it on time. The tour was all in all very well organised and we highly recommend it!

Avaliado por: Sarrah J , Agosto 2015


Avaliado por: jwat20n , Novembro 2013


Avaliado por: NKR Prabhu , India, Janeiro 2012

The trip was great experience

Avaliado por: Ronald M , USA, Setembro 2011

The local agency met us at our boat when we arrived in Aswan and made arrangements to met us the next day at 3:45 am. The boat provided a box breakfast and coffee/tea. My son and I were the only participants, so we basically had a private tour. We went in a car with driver and guide. Abu Simbel is well worth the long drive and early morning departure. Afterwards they took us to our hotel in Aswan and arranged for transportation to the airport the next morning. Very impressed with the service and highly recommend the tour.

Avaliado por: Lesley M , Fevereiro 2011

Tour went well, a bit rushed at the site however. Guide should stay with customer longer I feel. Generally good.

Avaliado por: Jeff O , Fevereiro 2011

Excellent and efficient - guide included. A personal tour, all excellent.

Avaliado por: Joanna O , Novembro 2010

Guide was wonderful, and we enjoyed the trip. Our driver was a little crazy, but we made it there and back just fine.

Avaliado por: Raymond G , Outubro 2010

We had a great day with Mark and the drivers. Mark is a wonderful young man, well-educated in Egyptology and a lot of fun! We were amazed at the size and color of the Temples. We dare you to find the seams where modern work moved the Temples to above the dam! The convoy was a problem - they were very disorganized & wasted a lot time making the convoy turn around to start another way. We were so delayed that we only had about 1:15 to see the Temples. Mark made a yeoman's effort to give us all the info we needed in the Temples. Folks, the problem is w the gov't convoy system - NOT with Viator. DON'T MISS these wonderful Temples because of the convoy. We suspect that some days it'd work great & others it'd have problems. An additional idea - try to get to the Nubian Museum - these people were displaced as were the Temples by the dam & their story is amazing. Just above the museum is Nubian House. Whether you stop there for the hibiscus drinks, tea, cakes & fried doughnuts which were great or just get near there, the view is the most beautiful we saw in Egypt. We got there because of a taxi driver we hired to take us to the Museum. In Luxor Viator had told us not to miss the Aswan sunset - we merely mentioned it & the driver zoomed up to the House. At first we felt a little hijacked, not surprising in Egypt - the cabbies are trying to make extra money in a poor economy - be firm if you don't want something - but this time it was a gift!

Avaliado por: Juan Jose G , USA, Maio 2010

The trip was great, the way is kind of long but you may get see a lot of camels on the road. We went to the tour at 1130pm it was nice because we had the temples to our selves. If you can stand a little heat then I would recommend going at this time, you get to see the sunset on the way back. The guy who arranged the tour with the guide was very nice, he also helped me confirm the tours I had in Luxor and Cairo.

Avaliado por: John S , Australia, Abril 2010

Excellent organisation and ran without a hitch!

Avaliado por: Tessa D , United Kingdom, Março 2010

This was a great experience and well woth the long bus trip. Our delightful guide made the whole journey interesting.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , United Kingdom, Fevereiro 2010

The highlight of the trip, well worth the journey.

Avaliado por: Iain M , United Kingdom, Fevereiro 2010

Honestly an excellent tour, the highlight of my trip to Egypt. A clean, safe bus and wonderful insightful guide. A brilliant day and organised with no trouble at all, which isn't always easy in Egypt despite it being an incredible place.

Avaliado por: Sachin J , United Kingdom, Janeiro 2009

Very good guide. Extremely helpful. The temples are stunning.

Avaliado por: Judith R , Dezembro 2008

Very impressed with the efficiency of the web site, message waiting for us on the cruise ship, prompt pick up, guide's courtesy and knowledge. It was worth the early wake up and drive. Sunrise over the desert was awesome. Abu Simbel should not be missed.

Avaliado por: Nitin R , Australia, Outubro 2008

This was our favorite part of the entire trip to Egypt. The long trip to get there via the mini van was draining, but the end destination was PHENOMENAL. The guide was a pleasure to deal with, considering we had many OTHER guides on various other tours who were not remotely interested in our enthusiasm for Egypt.

Avaliado por: Roy M , United Kingdom, Agosto 2008

We booked this trip just before we left on holiday because our tour operator had been unable to get us flights to Abu Simbel. We were dubious about a three hour bus ride through the Western Desert, but as we had traveled so far south especially to see Abu Simbel, we felt it was worth the risk! We had booked a bus trip, so we expected to be joining a coach load of other tourists. Rather, we were picked up at 3:30 a.m. by a private air conditioned 15 seater minibus complete with 2 divers and our own delightful English speaking guide! We joined the daily convoy of vehicles which travel as one to the temples. One of our party slept the whole way there, but I was treated to the most amazing sunrise over the desert! We arrived at Abu Simbel about 7:00 a.m., before the heat of the day, and had a fantastic guided tour of the area and then had lots of time to wander round the temples and take lots of photos. The whole experience was breathtaking and one we will never forget. Viator organized everything perfectly. All the staff were courteous and helpful without exception.

Avaliado por: Sonia M S O K , Brazil, Agosto 2008

It is very very very beautiful! There are no ways to put it in words, must see it.

Avaliado por: Carlos Alberto M , Mexico, Junho 2007

This was pretty cool.

Avaliado por: Martin T , Abril 2013

Nice trip

Avaliado por: jorn r , Dezembro 2010

Overall a good tour - the guide was excellent, the vehicle was comfortable and the on-board ice-box was appreciated. The second half of the return trip in darkness was a bit hairy since the driver was reluctant to use his headlights!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Maio 2010

Very good service. The local travel agency was VERY attentive in assuring that all of the arrnagements were in place and understood. A representative came to our boat the day bedfore to meet with me. Greatly appreciated. That being said, the guide who traveled to Aswan with us was essentially useless. Spent most of the time in the van on her cell phone had only the most elementary knowldege of the site, with a folio of photographs to show but inability to answer even the most basic questions. Would have been happier to just have the drivers on the trip.

Avaliado por: Arthur B , United Kingdom, Fevereiro 2010

Comfortable minibus, good driver and guide, sleeping policeman a doddle of a day for security duty! View of quarry with unfinished obelisk. Road across old dam with high dam in the distance, mirages in the desert. Would like to have had more time on the display of the project to move the temples.

Avaliado por: Stephen R , Qatar, Fevereiro 2010

Despite the early morning off-boarding from the cruise ship, the trip was amazing and definitely worth doing.... once in a lifetime. You can't avoid the 6 hours total travel tofrom unless you fly but there again, the cost would have been three times as much. Take a pillow for the vanbus ride if you can. My only recommendation to the vendor was to provide more clearly defined instructions for cruise passengers on what do to with their luggage while on this excursion, when we get back, what to do after the trip if you have a later train or flight to Cairo or elsewhere. We got all of this information but it was pieced together and took some work to do so. All in all, this was a great adventure and worth the time and money to see this spectacular monument....truly breathtaking!