• Local: Atenas, Grécia
  • Duração: 3 dias (aproximadamente)

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Alexios V , Agosto 2016

Knowledgable and friendly tourguides take you through tow of the most majestic and inspiring sites of Greece.

Avaliado por: Marie-Charlotte P , Maio 2016

Great tour well scheduled with knowledgeable tour guides. Very comfortable and beautiful hotels along the way. The only change I would make to this tour is probably to spend a bit less time in Delphi and more around the Meteora. Otherwise I would definitely recommend this type of tour especially when having a limited time in Greece.

Avaliado por: JENTARRAR , Junho 2015

Well organized - not rushed - plenty of time to explore on your own.
Hotels were good - the food was very good buffet style.

Avaliado por: Jan F , Julho 2013

The local operator, Chat Tours, is professional and conscientious with knowledgeable guides. All the logistics and communication for our hotel pickups, tours, hotels and meals were excellently managed. The free afternoon and morning my daughter and I were able to enjoy in Delphi was a perfect mid-vacation break (12 days in Greece). Delphi has some excellent souvlaki and bakeries/cafes, as well as souvenir shops with hand-made Greek items. We hiked a lovely section of the E4 trail which is very well marked.

Avaliado por: Victor A , Julho 2013

My trip was in two segments, the first to Delphi. Our guide, Daphne, was incredible. Not only was she knowledgeable but also very enthusiastic and helpful in getting me setup for the next day. The next day I was picked up and enjoyed a trip through the plains of Greece with another great tour guide. I had been having knee problems and was worried about climbing stairs, but we drove right up to the monasteries and I was able to climb the rest of the way with only little difficulty. The hotels on both days were very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this trip.

Avaliado por: Tracie O , Novembro 2012

Really fantastic to see the monastries perched up on those rocky pinacles. The tour couldn't have been any better. We loved the accommodation as well. I highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: Michael G , Junho 2011

Excellent trip with world class highlights at Delphi and Meteora. Expect some long drives, but scenery is beautiful and mountainous. Included is some free time to do your own thing, a well balanced tour. Guides are good, enthusiastic and well organised.

Avaliado por: Olivia Z , Dezembro 2009

If you are still considering whether to go on this tour, do not hesitate! Delphi and Meteora are the "must see" places in Greece and indeed they are amazing, especially Meteora. Organization of the tour was perfect, hotels could not have been better each had a pool so you could cool off a bit after a long day but the best was the tour guide. Thanks to her, we got to know Greece, Greek tradition and habits much better. The trip was one of the best I had. Efharisto thank you in Greek Viator and the local agency!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Fevereiro 2009

We did this tour back in September, and it was very good. The guides were excellent, especially in terms of giving an overview of the history and constructions. The hotels were very good, and all in all we were able to see much more at a cheaper price than we could have arranging things on our own. We priced a few different options, and this tour was the best on paper for value for money. And now that we've done it, we agree that it was very worthwhile.

Avaliado por: Shawkat Z , Novembro 2016

Delphi and Meteora are both great locations to visit, and putting them in one trip also limits the time you spend in the bus travelling though the views are amazing on the way. Our guides for both locations were entertaining and knowledgeable. The Amalia hotels where we stayed were also very nice, though the Kalabaka Meteora site was somewhat out of the town proper. On the other hand, we thought that the trip itinerary allocated too much time at Delphi. That portion of the tour was not taxing enough to require a night stop, and the major sights were covered in the walking tour though the guide skipped the Athena Pronaia temple. We felt later that it would have been more efficient to take the 2-day version of this trip far cheaper, too!, since the extra day adds no guided activities.

Avaliado por: Jim , Agosto 2016

very nice tour. 3 day tour could just as well have been done in 2 days, Delphi and Meteora were amazing places.

Avaliado por: harunahoshi , Julho 2016

The 3-Day trip is nicely paced and we have more than enough time to rest and explore both Delphi and Meteora. The guides Vicky and Joy are awesome in sharing the historical facts and we do enjoyed the journey very much.

Avaliado por: Virgilio G , Outubro 2013

Great tour guides and Meteora was incredible

Avaliado por: RDaniel L , Junho 2013

We booked the first class accommodations for the tour at an extra price but everyone stayed at the same hotel with breakfast included so there was no need to pay extra. We were upset by this deceitful advertising. The tour itself was very good, especially the guide on the second two days. We had booked a 3 day tour and didn't realize that we would be dropped off at the hotel in Delphi and stay there 24 hours while we waited to be picked up by the bus for the 4 day tour to Meteora to continue our tour. We think this also could have been more clear in your advertising.

Avaliado por: Nam H P , Novembro 2012

I enjoyed the tour. The monasteries at Meteora were amazing. Tour guides were knowledgeable. One thing that could've been improved was informing people if they would be joining other groups later in the tour at the start of the tour. On day 1, I was with a group of people that went to Delphi. When we got to the hotel for lunch, I was told I would be joining another group tomorrow since the group I was with would be returning to Athens. I had to ask the tour guide more questions for more info. I would appreciate this info early on so I would not be caught off caught.

Avaliado por: Manisha Kothari M , Dezembro 2010

We had a fantastic trip, the tour guides, hotels as well as locations are recommended for all fellow travellers. The 2 day trip option is also available, however the 3 day option is perfect for those looking for a relaxed tour with a half day break for recuperation. The guides were very informative and shared insights on Greek culture, mythology, education as well as demographics. Excellent experience!

Avaliado por: Jeffrey W , USA, Agosto 2008

The company does a good tour but make sure you are seeing all there is to see at each site. I think there are multiple versions at the same location. Upgraded hotel in Delphi has a great location, the one at Metora is well outside town. The stops are all good for photos and the time alloted is plenty to see what there is to see.

Avaliado por: Tripti S , Junho 2015

For 6 to 8 hour journey buses r not comfortable. They are either not equipped with washrooms or don't let us use in bus. They are not luxury buses for sure. We were lucky to get good idea on day 1, however day 2 n 3 our guide didn't provide that much information. Also this trip can be done in 2 days if u don't have sufficient time. Delphi and Meteora were really beautiful. Hotels were not that great. Delphi hotel had beautiful view.

Avaliado por: Hannah W , Dezembro 2013

This was a good tour, we got to see a monastary and a nunery with some amazing views. There is a number of steps one must however climb and thanks to it been quite popular there is a lot of people in a small amount of space. I am glad I did this tour, however I thought it would be more of the isolated religious areas of Meteora, but we went to the locations very close to the road instead. Be prepared to be left in Delphi without a tour guide and maybe only a few passengers all on your own as you combine with day trippers to get there. Also the bus was nearly an hour late to pick us up for the 2nd day, so be prepared to wait around a bit, as well as been very rushed when you are actually in the Delphi museum etc. The hotels we stayed in were nice, spectacular views off the hotel balcony in Delphi!

Avaliado por: David C , Julho 2013

- The Good:
The sites and museum of Delphi are great and interesting.
The monasteries in Meteora were amazing.
The guides (Dorina in Delphi; Katrina in Meteora) were very knowledgeable and made the visits more interesting.
We stayed at hotel Amalia in both Delphi and Meteora. Both hotels are nice with good rooms and good food for the dinner buffet.

- The Bad:
It's a 3 day/2 night trip. We were left at the hotel at 2pm in Delphi on Day 1 and were picked up the same time on Day 2. That means you're on your own for 24 hrs. In the morning of Day 2, we took a taxi on our own to the port/town of Itea. It cost 25 euros 1 way and it was NOT worth it. Better to walk around Delphi and/or enjoy the nice swimming pool at the hotel.
The drive back from Meteora to Athens is a long one. 5 hours + another hours depending on the number of drop-offs.

Delphi and Meteora is certainly worth the visit. The tour itself would have been better if it was only a 2 day/1 night trip.

Avaliado por: Arlene B , Outubro 2012

Bus transfers were a little confusing. Spend less time in Delphi and more in Meteora - had some of day 1 as free time and all morning and part afternoon of day 2 in Delphi as well.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Maio 2010

I felt that we had too much free and easy time e.g. the 2nd day trip to Meteora, we only departed at mid-day 1:30pm so a lot of time wasted.

Avaliado por: Owen B , Outubro 2012

The tour was good but my main criticism was the fact that we were dumped in Delphi for 24 hours before being picked up by another tour to continue to Meteora where we only had time to see two monasteries. Also, the tour did not take. Us to the Temple of Athena at Delphi which means the tour only really takes you to half of Delphi.

Avaliado por: James S , Australia, Janeiro 2010

A bit of a take. You travel to Delphi on 1 tour and spend that day and until 1400 hrs the next in Delphi. Then on to Meteora to overnight and the 3rd day to the monastries and back to Athens. In effect we wasted a day.

Avaliado por: Sonal V , Canada, Novembro 2009

The first guide was fantastic! The second guide wasn't nearly as good, we couldn't really understand him, and he seemed constantly stressed out. On the way back, you are dropped off at your hotel. As we were traveling to Crete that night, we asked to be dropped to Piraeus as we thought the bus would pass right by. He rudely said there was no way to be dropped off there, but we passed by right where we needed to go but had to pay extra metro fare and waste an hour to get there from the center because the guide didn't feel like being helpful. The hotels were OK, the food wasn't great and the included meals are all buffets. Also none of the hotels had a double bed, just two singles stuck together, which may be an issue for you. It certainly was not comfortable. The sites are spectacular and should be done. Your call on whether the tour is the way to go. Viator wasn't the best experience for us - their customer service is pretty horrific. My advice is to find another tour.