• Local: Bali, Indonesia
  • Duração: 5 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Lisa W , Julho 2016

Had a wonderful experience on this tour! the tour guide was knowledgeable, spoke good English, and was flexible with the itinerary. would definitely recommend!

Avaliado por: Elyce M , United States of America, Julho 2016

Our guide was out of this world fantastic. We went on a sunday, which we didn't realize wasn't the best day for the guides as there are religious obligations in the morning. That said, we were the only ones on the tour and i don't know if our guide took us at all off the beaten path, but we thought he may have taken us to some extra spots. It was an absolute blast. First stop was a local thread factory, where you have time to shop although this will be the priciest shopping probably in all of Bali, then a jewelry village also very expensive but you can negotiate to an extent. After that it was a bit of a longer drive to Mengwi Temple, which is just gorgeous. Then a local rice farm/coffee shop before Tanah Lot. if you don't want to get stuck in hours of traffic, ask your guide to time it right where you see the sun beginning to set at Tanah lot but don't stay for the whole duration as it is insanely crowded. I definitely recommend this day! The scenery even during the drive was amazing. It was a fun-filled day completely full of culture. Highly recommend!

Avaliado por: Debra B , Julho 2016

Everything was fabulous especially our wonderful guide Putra!

Avaliado por: LYE HENG L , Abril 2016

An excellent trip and great tour guide with good knowledge. will recommend to anyone who to see sunset. Tanah Lot is a very beautiful temple seen from a far!

Avaliado por: Caroline U , Dezembro 2015

Tanah Lot id breathtaking. It is a must see when you visit Bali.

Avaliado por: Nathan D , Agosto 2015

Very informative tour guide. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Avaliado por: onshaath , Agosto 2015

It was nice to walk through monkeys and feed them. Make sure to grab bananas and apples before you get there ;)

Avaliado por: Karen M , Junho 2015

From the time we were picked up from our hotel , our guide and driver made our long journey so relaxed and pleasant , in addition to the places we were due to visit along the way our guide stopped at place where they make local cloths , coffee/tea plantation and ate some of there local food , which the locals we met at these places were so lovely and made you really welcome. The monkey forest was brilliant , was so surprised that they were all roaming about the place we stopped at , we had a guide with us from there , which she walked around with us , we bought food for them to eat , which all of a sudden loads of them appeared and were so cute feeding from your hands , took loads of pictures of the monkeys and they just sat there posing . We also saw fruit bats which live in the same place as the monkeys but not too keen on them. The Mengwi Temple was beautiful, our guide gave us the full history of this , as walking around we were met with a load of local school children doing projects , which they stopped to ask us a few questions , they were lovely , the last was the best Tanah Lot , it was amazing and hundreds of people go to visit this place , which when the sunset goes down the scenery and views are outstanding , such a beautiful place , our guide and driver even waited whilst we had something to eat in a restaurant which sits on the top of a cliff and overlooks the sea , was so relaxing and the food was lovely . Would recommend this trip to anyone that wants to go on trips in Bali , the place itself is amazing and will never forget this holiday

Avaliado por: Jacqueline N , Junho 2015

Really enjoyable and informative. We were the only people on the tour. Our guide took his time and didn't rush. Excellent sights and glad I picked this one.

Avaliado por: Andrew K , Junho 2015

What an awesome experience, we saw lots of beautiful sights, the monkey forest was awesome.

Avaliado por: Ricardo S , Abril 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Steven R , Fevereiro 2015

well planned, very fun, completely worth it. would recommend to anyone going to bali!

Avaliado por: Tania H , Dezembro 2014

Very good tour. We enjoyed it.

Avaliado por: Richard P , United States of America, Dezembro 2014

Excellent guide and driver.

Avaliado por: JANARDHANA R , Outubro 2014

Sunset at tanah lot is awesome...

Avaliado por: MARTIN L , Setembro 2014

Pretty awesome!!

Avaliado por: Gary S , Agosto 2014

the tour guide was really good. he has very good knowledge about the local attractions. the were very punctual.

Avaliado por: Tiga , Junho 2014

Guide spoke excellent English and was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the tour.

Avaliado por: Jaqueline V , Maio 2014

Fun times. Fun tour guide.

Avaliado por: William P , Março 2014

I highly recommend this tour you get so much for your money... Fantastic experience and you get to see a lot of the country... It is a long day but we'll worth it. Our guide had so much knowledge and we learnt so much. Also we where able to stop when we wanted to see extra things. Again thank you.

Avaliado por: NICHOLAS M , Janeiro 2014

Amazing day! Especially Monkey forest and Tanah Lot!
One minus - the guide make too many stops in local shops, where everyone try to sell you any unneeded stuff. We don't go out from the bus at this stops ))

Avaliado por: Chibiyutsa , Setembro 2013

guide was great, very knowledgeagbe, good english speaker, intelligent.

Avaliado por: Lynne F , Maio 2013

My guide Kana was really good and very knowledgeable, he made my trip memorable. The highlight for me was the rice fields, Mengwi temple and Tanah Lot, the monkey forest was small and unimpressive but the monkeys were cute. Overall a great day with some spectacular sights.

Avaliado por: Pierre Y D , USA, Novembro 2012


Avaliado por: Graham G , Julho 2012

The Monkey Forest element of this Tour was disappointing; its old and tired, the toilets stink (even though you pay) and being manipulated to buy souvenirs by a compulsorily assigned guide who owns the shop was distasteful in the extreme. OK the monkeys were cute and I got some good video but the staff were very pushy to get us to have pix taken with a bat and a snake! - sorry very tacky and again left a bad vibe. Overall The Monkey Forest is not recommended. HOWEVER I have given this Tour 5 stars for other reasons. What is not advertised - and it may have been our awesome guide - was that we were treated to a visit to a working farm with rice paddies and other crops and walked all through it where our guide showed us rice production in full detail. My wife loved this as she had not seen it before. We were then treated to some fried banana and other sweets by the lady of the farm - great stuff! The rice paddy excursion should be advertised as a highlight of this trip - not hidden! In addition the Mengwi Temple was awesome and very interesting (see pic) and the Tanah Lot visit also excellent! It was low tide (best if it is) so we could clamber over the rocks to the miracle holy water spring and were blessed by Monks - very cool!

Overall this turned out to be well over 5 hours by the time we got back to the Resort. Awesome Guide with great English. He also treated us to a visit to a local village temple where they were celebrating a holy day. And he took a detour to show us Kerobokan Prison - didn't have to. Now thats a great Guide and driver!