• Local: Barcelona, Espanha
  • Duração: 5 dias/4 noites (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Dfesta , Agosto 2016

My daughter and I had a great tour the sites were beautiful and out tour guide was knowledable and colorful! Great trip highly recommend
The only recommendation would to provide a 5 star hotel option for the night in Madrid

Avaliado por: rmadzel , Novembro 2015

This trip was AWESOME. Our guide, Gracia, was a consummate professional. She called us her family and we all felt that way after the first day. The tour guides in the cities were fantastic-especially our guide in Cordoba. His knowledge and love of Spanish history and his passion about his country were infectious. All of the art, monuments and cathedrals were exciting. This trip was a perfect solution for us as we wanted to cover a lot of territory, but did not want to drive a car.
We loved it and will definitely recommend it to others.

Avaliado por: Selina A , Junho 2015

A great tour !!! Our tour guide Joseph and the Bus Driver Chabi made the entire journey an excellent one. Highly recommend this tour. Value for money.

Avaliado por: maia s , Junho 2015

Very good!

Avaliado por: Shirley , Junho 2015

Wonderful trip! Of course not enought time and too much to see. Loved our tour Gide, Grace, what an unique women

Avaliado por: Cherryl J , Maio 2015

This tour was fantastic, our Guide Gracia was wonderful and really was the icing on the tour cake, very informative, funny, caring and very organised, she took great care of her 'family'. The places we visited were beautiful and we got to see a lot inside and out of the Cordoba Cathedral and The Alhambra, which were highlights among a lot of highlights. The local guides were very good too, the additional El Palacio Andaluz Flamenco Show in Seville I would highly recommend, the only sour note was the Gypsy Flamenco visit, we were picked up at 9pm and went to see the Alhambra at night which was good but we stood around for ages, 10mins would have been sufficient then the Flamenco show didn't start until 11pm which was late for a group who had an early start and it was nowhere near as good as the previous nights show I would tell people to pass on that one but that was the only downside the rest of the tour was as good as it gets.

Avaliado por: Yan Z , Maio 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Yan Z , Maio 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Jose Luis V , Janeiro 2015

La experiencia fue excelente, tanto los choferes como los guías, especialmente nuestra guía Gracia, fueron muy amables en todo momento y demostraron amplios conocimientos de las zonas visitadas

Avaliado por: Brian B , Outubro 2012

An absolutely wonderful road trip. First class tour guides for each major site as well as our on-board coordinator and the superb bus driver. The Julia Travel folks in Spain do a great job. We loved every minute of it even though we normally avoid "mass tourism". But if you want to see all the incredible sights of Andalucia and La Mancha in a few days this is the only way to go. Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Gabriela , Novembro 2011


Avaliado por: mozza , Outubro 2016

Really enjoyed the tour. Packed a lot into a short period of time. Loved Spain and hope to be back again soon. Thanks Grace and our lovely driver for helping to make the tour so enjoyable

Avaliado por: DALE B , Abril 2015

I and my husband are very satisfied with the tour. The tour was comprehensive, and our guide Grace was very informative, funny and efficient. Everything went smoothly and our visit to Cordoba Mezquita was amazing... the local guides in Cordoba and Sevilla were great. We would do this trip again in a heartbeat !

Avaliado por: lenab77 , Outubro 2012

Amazing trip, but The itinerary is too light in comparison to what was describe on website. Too many optional tours offered to gain extra money.( but some of them was very good- like Spanish dancing in Seville and Gypsy in Granada- so charming, walking tour in Granada- was the best!, some is shouldn’t be offered at all – river trip) There were many walking tours with local guides in the different locations. Unprofessional Tour Guides in many places and specially in Alhambra. Not enough time in Toledo- 2hr, this is must be a joke., and at the same time spent 1 hr in La Munch village with only one dirty street ?! Our tour host Christina was ok, but she should provide more historical information, legends, stories, answer the questions and so on during the driving. Mix more than two languages- BIG mistake!. The bus and air on was working fine, and the drivers are by law instructed to stop every two hours to rest, even food on rest areas was awful. Take the 4 star hotel options - but the 3 star is more convenient is in Granada and Seville. Food in 4 star hotel in Seville was not eatable at all, dishes was dirty, all drinks during the dinner (including water) was provided by additional cost. There the 3-star hotel is in walking distance of the charming city centre whereby and the 4 star is a bit far away.(should be known prior to order the trip.

Avaliado por: MR CJC P , Agosto 2012

Amazing trip. We had a wonderful host Christina l who spoke good English and Spanish. There were many walking tours with local guides in the different locations, and I felt that all of them were proud to be showing us their country. The bus and aircon was working ok, and the drivers are by law instructed to stop every two hours to rest. Take the 4 star hotel options - the only place where the 3 star is more convenient is in Granada. There the 3-star hotel is in walking distance of the charming city centre whereby te 4 star is a bit far away. There were also options for Spanish dancing in Seville and Granada. Did the Granada one but found it rather commercial - but Granada is just so charming that all was forgiven. I found Spanish people in general to very friendly and helpful.

Avaliado por: Bob M , Setembro 2016

So Spain is amazing... obviously or you wouldn't be reading this. So I'm very happy to have seen all this in a such a short time. My wife and I wanted 2 weeks in Spain... She wanted Barcelona I wanted Andalusia. This tour allowed me to see the best of what I wanted to see in under 1 week and without me having to worry about lodging, travel, of even food for the most part. I'm not a fan of bus tours mind you but this got the job done. So that being said... this tour works. It's practical and efficient. You will never regret seeing what this tour allows you. You will however wish you could see so much more. By default it's A LOT of time traveling ... there's not much to see from the bus... it is what it is. Your food is hotel buffet food for breakfast and dinner and it's a highway rest stop for lunch. Again it's efficient but not ideal clearly. We did not see the Nasrid Palaces in the Alhambra... big disappointment to say the least. Great tour of the Alhambra but not even a glimpse of the finest part.
My point is this is something i would recommend but with he right expectations so as to not be disappointed. There were over 60 people on the tour with 2 hotel options so there's a lot of waiting and luggage and people that run late. there's a lot of info spewed over a pa in 2 languages... our guide seemed like more babysitter than historian so her voice and information grew tiresome after some time. Also they have a captive audience so they try to sell you on some tours. In Seville a boat tour and a flamenco show... we declined and saw the inside of the Real Alcazar and Seville Cathedral followed by a wonderful walk and lunch in town to ourselves. In Granada it was a Gypsy show in the caves ... this we also wanted to pass on but our hotel was so in the middle of no where it seemed the only way to get to do something not to mention before the show they took you to the ideal vantage point to see the Alhambra at night. the show was ok... touristy.

Avaliado por: Mo , United States of America, Julho 2016

Tour booked through Viator mainly for Alhambra. Signed up for the 4 star package. Once in Spain, the main vendor was Julia Travel.
PROS: The Alhambra in Granada was breathtaking and worth seeing from the outside and inside. The Mezquita in Cordoba was also spectacular. Our main tour guide, Margarita, was very nice. She is proud of her heritage and LOVES to talk about the history of Spain. History buffs will appreciate this tour. Every major site includes knowledgeable local tour guides. Our driver, Francisco, was patient and provided us with a smooth/safe ride throughout our trip. There were a good amount of restroom stops on the tour. Most of the hotels were clean and 4 -star quality.
CONS: Viator and Julia Travel had some form of miscommunication and so our hotel got mixed up on our first day in Madrid. Initially dropped off at the wrong hotel and the front desk people spent the next 2 hours trying to figure out where reservation had been made. This was all fixed in the end however, 2 hours were wasted which couldve been spent exploring more of the city. Hotel Husa Princesa in Madrid is NOT a 4 star hotel. It needs major remodeling/repairs. We had signed up and paid for a 4 star hotel package meaning every hotel we stay at should be a 4 star hotel. Margarita failed to mention that the bus had wifi until Day 2 of the trip. The bus seats were very tight. We did not get the FULL Alhambra experience. After booking our trip, we twice made sure with Viator that the Alhambra visit would include the full grounds tour including inside the palace. Once we got to Alhambra, the tour guide said that we would not be able to see inside of the palace on that day. During the trip, we made about 3-4 stops at Abades truck stops which are like AM/PM's with basic gas station food. Would've been great if we had stopped at actual restaurants. Hotel breakfasts were OK i.e., eggs, fruit, bread, meats, etc. but dinners were not very good. Wish they had more authentic Spanish food.

Avaliado por: M.J. , United States of America, Setembro 2015

Most of the tour was fine, just wanted more free time and more time inside the Cordoba mosque on our own. Telling people ahead of time where to meet the bus would help for those who wanted to stay in the mosque longer. The main disappointment was not being able to see the palace at the Alhambra. That was a huge and unexpected omission and should not have happened. We could have booked our own tickets online months ahead of time--surely Viator could also have done that. I will not recommend this tour to my friends, based on that great omission. This was my one chance to visit Spain, and I will always regret not getting to see the palace at the Alhambra.

Avaliado por: deborah.oreilly , Australia, Julho 2016

What I saved in the cost of the tour I lost in hours on the phone at international call rates following up. Poor pre tour communication, inconsistent messages from Viator and the travel agent and the supposed 4 star Marriott hotel in Madrid is just awful

Avaliado por: Shirley H , Outubro 2016

As another reviewer stated, this tour should be renamed, THE GAS STATIONS OF SPAIN

Hotels were decent I had the 4 star package
Get to see a lot of Spain in a short amount of time

You spend 75 of this tour on a coach bus
Lunches are usually at rest stops/service stops/gas stations
The included breakfast/dinners are hotel buffets
There is virtually little to no free time to explore on your own when visiting cities
The local tour guides can be a hit or miss

First off, take the train alternative from Barcelona! I took the coach bus option believing we'd be making stops at 2 towns, the first town Lerida, was basically a rest stop that we stopped at while driving through the area of Lerida. Then, we only got 1 hour to see the town of Zaragoza. Due to a Spanish law that mandates that the bus driver must stop every 2 hours basically meant that we spent most of our time on the bus and rest stops for the 1st day as well as the entire tour. It took us about 9 hours to go from Barcelona to Madrid.

This was basically how the rest of the tour played out where we drove and drove, stopped at gas stations or service stops for bathroom breaks and lunches. They only allotted a few hours in each city so there was virtually no free time to explore on your own unless you forgo the local walking tour with the guides. After seeing jewish quarters, mudéjar architecture, moorish styles and their history in each of the cities, you kind of get bored of seeing the same thing. Sure, I do like the history and the style but we don't need to see the same thing in each city, they could have mixed it up a bit and shown things like parks, local food markets, clothing markets, etc.

There were optional tours that were not included in this package, I only opted to go to one which was a flamenco show in Granada which I wouldn't say is a must see but worth it if you have nothing better to do at night. The other optional tours I can not vouch for but from what I heard, they were all pretty meh.

Overall, I wouldn't book anything with Julia Travels again but if you're a lazy traveler and want something that will provide transportation and accommodations where you just follow along, then sure go for it.

Avaliado por: Bakur G , Abril 2016

1. I have booked this trip and overall it was nice way to explore Andalusia . Do not repeat my mistake do not reserve bus transportation from Madrid. choose a more leisurely trip by coach, stopping in the cities of Zaragoza and Lerida along the way this is what Viator have on this tour, but there is only one small stop in Zaragoza where you will have 1.5 hour to explore the city on your own.
THERE IS NO ANY STOP IN LERIDA.... I booked with the goal to see 2 cities, but actually I spent 9.5 hours in my way from Barcelona to Madrid and a chance to see Zaragoza but if you do so, you will be in Madrid at 19:00 ,means you will not be able to visit museums.
2. 4 Hotels were I was staying with, were too far to be called like this, but the worst one was Seville Melia Lebreros No tea/coffee amenities, no bathrobe etc.. Old, dusty rooms rooms with the worse service I have EVER seen. We arrived to Seville late evening and as this was my BIRTHDAY I approached the reception in order to have some advise where to go. The only thing that they were able to give was the map of the city with the beautiful lady didn't battered herself to say at least Happy Birthday.. So I decided to order a room service. The ONLY Cava Brut from the menu they delivered after 3 phone conversations and 1 wrong order.... EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER.
3. In general we spent a crazy amount of time at gas stations/rest stops getting food. All the included dinners were buffet style at the hotel. While the sights and tour guide were very nice, the tour itself was culturally lacking. I think would be better to cut the quantities of stops for toilets, lunches etc, that will give the travelers more time in Cities.
4. Optional boat tour was NOTHING and the night tour in Granada also was disappointment for the ones who has booked it
5. WiFi mostly was not working
P.S. Dear Viator, I think you should correct you the information about this tour!

Avaliado por: Olivia P , Junho 2015

Should have been called, Gas Stations of Spain. We spent a crazy amount of time at gas stations/rest stops getting food. All the included dinners were buffet style at the hotel, and didn't included Spanish dishes. While the sights and tour guide were very nice, the tour itself was culturally lacking as we only stopped in places packed with tourists and never got to see the real Spain.

Avaliado por: GnD , Singapore, Agosto 2012

The itinerary is too light in comparison to what was describe on website. Too many optional tours offered to gain extra money. Unprofessional Tour Guide.