• Local: Barcelona, Espanha
  • Duração: Flexível (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Corine L , Junho 2016

Super, à faire, promenade de 2h30 vraiment sympa

Avaliado por: mory , Março 2015

Great tour of the city. We had a hard time getting back but the journey was rather fun.

Avaliado por: Nikolas P , Outubro 2014

Great fun! Best way to discover the city.

Avaliado por: Stefan Patrick J , Abril 2013

What a great way to see Barcelona!! I tried the GoCar last week with my brother-in-law. We had booked and paid for an hour, but had so much fun that we chose to stay out for the full day. Driving in Barcelona traffic was much easier than I had expected and the GPS instructions were great, informative and fun. People on the streets were waving to us and taking photos of us in our little funky yellow car :). We stayed and visited several sights like the FC Barcelona soccer stadium and Park Guell (don't miss!). This must be the coolest way to see Barcelona, so much more fun than a traditional tourist bus.

Avaliado por: carsten w , Março 2015

Super Organisation! Personal sehr freundlich! Sightseeing mal anders!!

Avaliado por: Cheri R , United States of America, Outubro 2013

Really enjoyed this. We had originally reserved our car for the day we got to Barcelona, but it was raining and they were very accommodating to change the dates for us. It is very difficult to brake this vehicle, but the experience was fun. The GPS is not quite like the US where it gives you time to make the turn and warns you, these turns come up fast and if you are in the wrong lane.. good luck. They are also pretty loud.. like a riding lawn mower, but that still wasn't too bad. If they were electric it would be better as you could really listen to the talking GPS without having to turn it up and down in the streets and at stop lights. Got to see a lot of things around Barcelona that we will go back and check out on our next trip. We had the 3 hour tour but there is NO time to stop if you want to get this back on time. Plan on paying more if you plan to stop at any sites. Plan at least 5-6 hours for 3 hour tour. Recommended, but you need to be not weary about driving in Barcelona. There is no such thing as a left turn.. all round abouts.. very different roads.

Avaliado por: Erica Olsson , Abril 2013

Vi bokade bara 1h och såhär i efterhand så vet vi att kanske 3h hade varit lagom. Då hade vi hunnit stanna oftare o titta lite närmare. Det mesta svischade bara förbi. Men vi hade otroligt kul!

Avaliado por: Erick F , Agosto 2012

Nice experience

Avaliado por: Sabine B , Dezembro 2014

Jammer dat het gans de rit heeft geregend.. we waren doornat..

Avaliado por: TVUSA , Julho 2013

We thought the GoCar was a cool idea but the traffic of Barcelona and driving in the city was tough to deal with on our trip. We had 2 cars more like small motorcycles with a fiberglass body and two seats. We got lost as well as separated in about 15 minutes of leaving the store. But it was fun to find your way around and we eventually got back onto the route. I would recommend this to anyone that can follow directions, drive in crazy traffic and understand the merging rules of the city.

Avaliado por: patricia l , Dezembro 2012

What a lot of fun! A little scary driving in major traffic and the gps voice was not in sync with where you were at. But many laughs.

Avaliado por: BlondeBrunetteTravel , USA, Setembro 2012

We did not really enjoy this experience. The car feels very vulnerable, was very bumpy and the fumes made both of us feel sick. We did the 9:00 a.m. one hour tour so there was very little traffic which helped but neither of us would do it again.

Avaliado por: boris s , Setembro 2016

The car was broken, GPS did not work. Had to return from have the way using my phone GPS
Was not offered any credit

Avaliado por: britt12318 , Setembro 2016

The GPS was really slow and the voice would say one thing but the screen would show the opposite. We ended up driving around in circles. They make you pay a 300 Euro deposit on the car. The car can only go a maximum of 50 km/hr which makes the other motorist annoyed. Best to just avoid

Avaliado por: alexandre.stseb , Julho 2015

Très dangereux, voiturette qui avance par à coups, GPS non fiable: écran non visible car réfléchit la lumière du soleil, impossible de l'entendre car trop de bruit environnant et se coupe pour changer de langue. Dans le flot de la circulation,absence de clignotant fiable
Orienté vers un périphérique à grande circulation
Nécessité de rentrer vers le garage : Journée gâchée