• Local: Bayeux, França
  • Duração: 9 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Deirdre V , Junho 2015

Very good tour, small group, very knowledgeable guide Maz and we visited a lot of sites in one day.
Good value for money.

Avaliado por: Craig A , Junho 2015

This tour was well conducted, planned and documented, it quickly toured a number sites in one full day. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area and gave lots of anecdotal information from her parents who directly endured the occupation and subsequently D-Day. There were a number of maps, charts and photos used to thoroughly explain all of the visits and surrounding events. The Normandy area is covered with D-Day sites and they cannot all be covered in one day. This was a best compromise to get a feeling for the battlefield and what went on during the first few days of the allied invasion on D-Day. A trip to Omaha beach effectively showed what the Soldiers were up against once they got on to the beach and off of it into the hedgerows and small fields inland from the beach. Other sites included Sword beach British, the Pegasus Bridge where British glider troops assaulted and held two critical bridges, Merville Artillery Battery which very effectively showed life in a German gun position and a British military cemetery as well as the American cemetery at overlooking Omaha beach. I would recommend this trip for first time visitors to the area or those who have not done extensive reading on the events surrounding D-Day.

Avaliado por: Clare P , Setembro 2014

Francois was very engaging and explained everything really well. He made the tour appropriate to our group of 8 which contained 3 different Nationalities and a wide range if ages.

Avaliado por: J A B , Dezembro 2013

Fantastic trip. Our tour guide was excellent and really brought alive the story of the D-Day beaches. Although it is quite a long day, we would certainly recommend this trip to other travellers.

Avaliado por: Lawrence S , Setembro 2011

We thought the tour very informative and were pleased with the content. We got to see all that we could in the time allotted. Very comprehensive and filled our need.

Avaliado por: Gary M , United Kingdom, Julho 2009

The tour was brilliant, made more so by the young french lady guide who really knew her D Day history and who made the day extremely interesting, GREAT !

Avaliado por: Keith H , USA, Outubro 2008

Although we had reserved a tour of Omaha, Sword and the British Airborne, luckily we were the only ones on the scheduled afternoon tour, so we could change the itinerary to include St. Mere Eglise and other WWII sites in the area. I couldn't find a totally American tour on the net, but this change gave us exactly what we wanted.

Avaliado por: ROY B , United Kingdom, Agosto 2008

The tour was fantastic. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and made the whole trip an unforgettable experience for us. My wife learned more about the war in that one day than she had in her whole life! Well done!

Avaliado por: Jerome B , Agosto 2015

It was a good day. The tour guide seemed to have the facts accurate as we are history buffs.
Would have enjoyed more time at Point du Hoc and American Cemetery.
It was too bad the others were not able to see Omaha Beach at Low tide. It has such more of an impact. Luckily we stayed at Omaha and were able to walk the beaches at low tide. I would suggest arranging the day differently.
Other low points: The bus has 12 large adults and it was uncomfortable as it felt over-crowded.
Pegasus Bridge was reproduction and the original was 1 block away at a museum which we just walked past.
With as many places as there are to eat including Hotel du Casino Omaha Beach and many others, were taken to Bayeux and directed to a few streets to pick our own, but it worked.
The following day, we had a rented car and did enjoy this much more at our own pace, but the roads can be a bit confusing so the tour does work well for that.
We will go back to Normandy as there are is so much to see. If were to do it again, we should have chosen the American Sectors for us.

Avaliado por: Susan C , Setembro 2012

very good indeed

Avaliado por: Joanne M , Saudi Arabia, Agosto 2008

"Like drinking from a fire hose" was how one of the other members of the tour described our guide. He was passionate about his job and he did it well.

Avaliado por: Ginny S , USA, Setembro 2011

We booked a full day tour of Normandy. However, since our regular guide just returned at midnight the night before from a private tour of Paris, we ended up having another guide in the morning and she returned us back to our hotel by noon; then we had to meet the regular guide at another location at 1:15pm. We ended up heading out towards Normandy twice in that same day. It certainly would have been better to have stayed out in Normandy once we rode there the first time.