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Milano-michelle, Abril 2012

Omaha Beach

French and Amerian flags

Thomas D, USA, Julho 2010

at Arromanches

Heroes at rest

Thomas D, USA, Julho 2010

American Cemetery

Normandy beaches tour

Anil C, Abril 2016

Windy day at Normandy Beaches - thoroughly enjoyed

Omaha Beach

Rem, Novembro 2015

Until you see it for yourself, only then you realise that photos and movies cannot convey truly the real size of the stretch of land nor the distance and obstacles the soldiers had to overcome.

Family photo with Utah Beach in the background

Troy Z, Agosto 2015

Our children will NEVER forget this trip. I'm a veteran of 23 years and this was a very emotional tour. Emotional, but excellent. HOOAH!

Omaha Beach.

bobanddenise200, Novembro 2014

A walk on this beach will stir the emotions.