• Local: Pequim, China
  • Duração: 4 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: i_balfour , Junho 2016

The acrobatic show as extraordinary. We were on the edges of our seats and thoroughly entertained. The Peking duck dinner was also very good with a good choice of dishes and more than enough to eat.

Joan and Ian
Ottawa, Canada

Avaliado por: Jennifer A , Maio 2016

SOOOOOO Good! The show was amazing! Absolutely amazing. For how much the tour cost, the seats could have been much better though. We were off to the side so the view for everything wasn't the best. As I said, for how much the tour cost, they should have purchased VIP seats. The dinner was good. There wasn't much duck to go around. Luckily, the rest of the group didn't actually like duck. They take you to a very touristy place that obviously caters towards white people so the food wasn't the greatest. They do provide more than just the duck though. So there is plenty of food. There were only five people in our group and they bought out enough to feed an army.

Avaliado por: Llamaschool , United States of America, Abril 2016

As a single traveler, I didn't want to go to a Peking Duck restaurant on my ownwho orders a whole or even half duck? And I'd read good things about the Acrobatic Show, so I went for it. The restaurant that we were taken to clearly catered to international tourists but the chef did actually carve our duck at the table, even though our guide had warned us that he might not be able to b/c it was 'high season.' The server demonstrated the appropriate way to fold the duck and condiments into the sleeve, and we were offered wine with dinner and checked on often. We were given fruit, a salad, soup, and four entrées kung pao, orange chicken, an egg and chicken dish and broccoli beef for the four persons in the party. The acrobatic show was incredible. One of the highlights of my trip-- it made me want to bring my kids to Beijingif they like the Cirque de Soleil show that passes through every year, they'll love this! If other reviews stated that the theater and costumes were tired and run-down, things have been overhauled since. Just amazing! Our tour guide was William Kuang, who was also the guide on my tour of the Summer Palace, Panda Garden and Lama Temple. A former accountant who is thrilled to be working as a tour guide and sharing the culture of Beijing with foreigners, William is highly recommended, as is this tour package!

Avaliado por: Justin W , Junho 2015

The show is very impressive. The stunts are more dangerous than what I had seen in a Vegas Cirque de Solei show a few days before. You have the option of upgrading your seat, which I did and ended up in the 2nd row, which was a lot of fun. The food was delicious and there was too much to eat, which is a great problem to have.

Avaliado por: Eugenio C , Junho 2014

My family consider the Chinese as the best in Acrobats. The bicycles and motorcycles shows are fantastic. Peking Duck? So Gooood!

Avaliado por: iisavb , Outubro 2013

Everything perfect!
Super recommended. The guide is very friendly, the show amazing and delightful dinner, although it includes only one drink (a glass of beer, water or soda), but you can pay for more.

Avaliado por: Andrej G , Agosto 2013

Transport from ant to hotel on time. Show fantastic. Duck very good.

Avaliado por: Olli Ö , Julho 2013

Thank You so much for this tour! This was the high peak of my full day's tour of two combined tours, and I think also the high peak of my whole trip, just breathtaking, and the guide was the whole day so fantastic, and the driver also so friendly and nice! I had so much fun and same time learned so much about Chinese culture!

Avaliado por: HUGH H , United Kingdom, Novembro 2012

Worth every penny!

Avaliado por: debbie.hudson , Outubro 2012

What a great night, the show was amazing, we had front row seats so you could sit back and enjoy the fantastic show and then we went to the Peking Duck Banquet where they just kept bringing out the food and the duck was so delicious. It was really worth the money, we all had a great time.

Avaliado por: DEBORAH A T , USA, Novembro 2011

Dinner was great, show was exciting. Again, Viator is the best!

Avaliado por: REGINA M , Abril 2011


Avaliado por: Steven C , USA, Janeiro 2011

DELICIOUS! And the show of acrobats was just terrific. We had a great time and Michael was a wonderful guide! Thank you Viator tours for three fabulous tours!

Avaliado por: Patricia F , USA, Dezembro 2009

Mmmmmm good! The Peking Duck was yummy, and the Show was unbelievable!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , USA, Dezembro 2009

The dinner was good, lots of food, tasty and authentic. The show was fantastic, a must see. The best night of our stay in Beijing!

Avaliado por: William S , USA, Agosto 2008

Great time.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , USA, Agosto 2008

The venue is nothing to write home about (I guess China is not too fussed about the 'atmosphere' of an experience), but the food was very good and the acrobatic show was simply incredible. This is a very fun evening out, great for a larger group. We would definitely do this again.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , USA, Novembro 2006

A wonderful experience all around. We didn't think we'd enjoy it half as much as we did. Thanks.

Avaliado por: frank w , Outubro 2016

We have only put this tour as only 4 recommended. The Acrobatic show was superb and for an hour or so you are 'mesmerized' with what feats the boys and girls provide as part of the show.

However the Peking Duck Banquet is not a 'banquet' and no where close to it. The tour and organizing companies really need to serious review this part of the tour. The DaDong Peking Duck chain of restaurants do really know how to serve you up a 'Peking Duck Banquet' to remember.
Their chosen restaurant was clearly a well establish venue for similar tours, catering of up 140 dinners with at least 10 x round tables seating 10 x diners each at the front end.
The Resturant looked clean, but has been well used and had 'passed its sell by date'. We were the last ones to arrive and had to 'walk the gauntlet' through all of the 10-seater tables and their dinners. After the last two round tables departed it was almost empty and had no atmosphere.
While the food that was served to us was plentiful and tasty, comprising of plain boiled rice Chicken and Vegetable mix Sliced Beef and Vegetables Sweet and sour chicken and finally one plate of sad looking sliced Duck with pancakes. It was no more than what almost every restaurant in Beijing could serve up.

Avaliado por: Cherie K , Agosto 2015

The show was great, you can get better Peking Duck restaurants. The show is a must see just go find Peking Duck on your own!

Avaliado por: Timothy W , Março 2015

The acrobatic show is great! Would highly recommend it...the motorcycles were the highlight for me. The meal is nice. More food than you will be able to eat!

Avaliado por: psutton , Julho 2014

Beijing Duck was delicious, though not carved at the table as was meant to be. The other dishes, especially the soup and the vegetables, (cabbage and carrot) were tasteless. The acrobat show was sensational! and all up the deal wss still great value fo some real Beijing food and entertainment.

Avaliado por: dr_adel_wilson , Março 2014

Wonderful acrobat but very poor duck... Below my expectations. Jason the tour guide was amazing, very polite and spoke excellent English

Avaliado por: Pål H , Agosto 2013

Great acrobatic show. The food was ok but not excellent.

Avaliado por: Steven A , Abril 2013

This is a five star for the show and a three star for the Peking Duck Banquet. The dinner was OK, but there are far better choices for Peking Duck in the city (and would have paid more for this tour for a better dinner). The "tour guide" was a bit more of a chaperone than a guide.