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Avaliado por: William W , Novembro 2016

Great trip. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable. His English skills were good.
The area where we hiked,Jinshanling, was not crowded and had many opportunities for great photos.
A few sections of the wall are quite steep, and could get slick when icy or snow covered.

Avaliado por: George W , Setembro 2016

The tour and guide were excellent. We had 6 people in our group and encountered very few other tourists. The beginning hike to the wall on top of the mountain can be a bit difficult if you are not in decent shape. We stopped a few times but it took 45 min to reach the wall. The wall is also quite steep in some places. So be careful if it is raining. Be aware that there are two McDonald's at the Dongzhimen subway station. Do not go to the one at the bus station on the NE corner. The correct one is on the ground floor of an office building on the SE corner of the intersection. There will likely be a lot of tour buses parked out front as this appears to be a popular departure point for the wall.

Avaliado por: Mark C , Setembro 2016

Excellent, the trip was well run and the guide really good with stunning views

Avaliado por: Joel W , Setembro 2016

You won't find a better tour with a better guide Thank you Peter anywhere else, it's worth every penny. One of the top experiences of my life!

Avaliado por: Warren S , Setembro 2016

Fantastic tour

Avaliado por: Miss S , Setembro 2016

I am very happy with the tour I did in fact it was the highlight of my holiday I want to thank Robert so much as I fell twice on the Great Wall as I'm just a clumsy person he looked after me so well he held my bag and everything for me when I had to walk on trickier parts of the wall and then held my hand going down the steep parts and he always made sure I was okay he was so kind and cleaned my leg multiple times he took loads of photos of me and the rest of the people in the tour which me got on a usb stick which was great as he had a canon camera so I loved the photos also loads of refreshments which is needed I highly recommend this tour

Avaliado por: Donna K , Agosto 2016

Great trip, great tour guide. Highly recommended!

Avaliado por: Andrew B , Agosto 2016

Our group of 8 agreed: this tour is the ideal balance between price and private access to the wall. The guide Cheney was a professional, offering great history when asked and letting people enjoy the hike otherwise. Much of our 3 hours on the wall felt private with few other hikers. Highly recommended

Avaliado por: Barbara m G , Julho 2016

This tour was FANTASTIC! Robert was a well versed and caring guide. We had a very small group of 4 people, which actually worked out to be the perfect size. Heat was extreme and climbing challenging at times, but well worth it! Lunch was delicious! Consider more explicit directions for meeting location in the future. Thank you!

Avaliado por: Joan W , Julho 2016

This tour was all we hoped for and MORE! Robert was an excellent tour guide. Some of the climbs on the hike would not be possible for folks with knee or endurance challenges, but for all others, i would HIGHLY recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: Patrick M , Junho 2016

I cannot state how amazing this hike was. It's a tough hike, so those not willing to walk for hours up and downhill should not do it. But for those that do, this is by far the best thing you can do on the wall. First, the wall has a lot less tourists than the areas closer to Beijing, so the 2 hour drive is well worth it. In fact, there were parts of the wall where it was only our group for hundreds of meters. If you want a good intense hike, and want to see the wall, do this hike! Wear comfy shoes and hiking clothes for sure.

Avaliado por: Gabriela R , Junho 2016

Wonderful tour! The guide, Robert, was excellent. The views were beautiful. The lunch was also excellent. I will recommend this tour to anyone going to visit the Great Wall!

Avaliado por: Pascal H , Junho 2016

The guide did a great job and the group had the right size (8 people excl. the guide). The hike is rather easy, but a really nice experience with a lot of opportunities to take scenic pictures of the great wall.

Avaliado por: Pierre L , Maio 2016

Parcours plaisant sur la grande muraille en petit groupe nous étions 7. Quelques montées et descentes un peu raides mais rien de trop difficile.
Déjeuner à l'arrivée dans un petit restau simple mais très bon
Guide très agréable parlant bien anglais et très disponible.

Avaliado por: Jeni H , Novembro 2015

Absolutely amazing tour. The guide was very good, there were no stops at shops to buy anything, and the food and snacks were very good. I highly recommend this tour

Avaliado por: Stephen P , Novembro 2015

This was a great hike. I have been to different parts of the wall 3 times now. I learned more from Cheney our tour guide on this trip than the other two combined. I liked how this section of the wall is way less touristy than other parts and just felt more authentic. It's a pretty good hike with some nice steep and uphill sections. Nice little work out. Cheney was accommodating....and a gentleman!

Avaliado por: Paul s , Outubro 2015

It was a great tour. It is definitely a physical hike, but the views were awesome. We only saw 50 people the whole day on the wall.

Avaliado por: Vicky R , Agosto 2016

This was well organised with good info beforehand to get you to the meeting spot in ok, which is pretty obvious. The guide worked hard and i learned more than i thought i would. lots of free little gifts and good refreshments. higly recommend this section for not being busy and great pics.