• Local: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Duração: 9 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: N Kay C , Outubro 2016

The tour was well organised and efficiently conducted. The guide was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Anjar is an interesting monument to faulty leadership but Baalbek is a stunning monument to Roman power and influence, even if misguided. To my mind, Baalbek is much more worth seeing than the Acropolis, although nowhere near as publicised. Ksara wines are excelllent and the story of the caves is of interest. Excellent Lebanese mezze for lunch.

Avaliado por: Shaun C , Outubro 2016

This is a must-see and must-do trip. Anjar and Ksara fun to see but the highlight by far is Baalbek. Stunning that so much of the original site remains. Go book it now!!!

Avaliado por: John R , Agosto 2016

If your going to do any tours in Beirut, do this one! Anjar in itself was an amazing place.. So big was the ruins and spectacular.. Baalbeck was even more breath taking with the Temple of Jupiter and Venus... the grand scale of the temples were mind blowing.... and Lunch was superb as was ksara! The caves were jaw dropping....

Avaliado por: Cindy M , Maio 2016

Comfortable car, punctual pick-up, knowledgleable tour guide and amazing lunch. No complaints!

Avaliado por: Ida S , Maio 2016

First, i have to tell you something very important. Most embassies will not recommend or will even forbid you the Bekaa Valley and Baalbek. IGNORE THEM! Lebanon is SAFE! on your way to baalbek, you will cross the refugees camps and a lot of check points of the army. Don't worry, you will not feel as a prisoner. They are nice. Just insuring that everything is ok.
Baalbek is the most well preserved site. The most impressive is Bachus temple, which is under restauration in this moment. Well, they are always restoring their heritage...
Anjar is a combination between roman, bizantine and islamic style. You will like it.
Ksara winery is a natural cave used during the war as a refuge for the people. you can taste sm very good wines there.
By the way, all your tours will be with Nakhal and you will love them! They are profesionals! Really profesionals!

Avaliado por: Marwan M , Abril 2016

The guide made the visit remarkable. Madelaine was the perfect host, fluent in English, French and Spanish, as well as Arabic, of course, she was steeped in the culture and therefore able to help us get an insight into the world of Lebanon.
The tour was remarkably easy, starting with collection at my hotel and transfer to the Nakhal offices, before transfer to a comfortable bus for our onward journey. Thankfully there was not this endless transfer round the local hotels picking people up, as this had already been done by a fleet of buses.
On the way to Baalbek, Madelaine made us aware of the history and culture of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. The place is full of history, and with layer upon layer of civilisation it is difficult not to get overawed by the sites. Our first visit was to Anjar, which was established by the Umyadd in the 8th century. The ruins are very well preserved and give you a unique insight into the culture of the day. One can see Islamic culture, sitting alongside Roman design and Byzantine architecture.
Arriving in Baalbek one is taken aback by the sheer scale of the site. The famous pillars cannot be described with mere words and pictures and need to be seen up close to get the full sense of the place. The Temple of Jupiter, is said to be one of the largest Roman temples in the world. The expanse of the temple and that to Bacchus give a wonderful insight into the Roman and Greek worlds. Remarkably well preserved, despite war and many conquests, it was a remarkable opportunity to see up close the historic ruins.
Although a conservative area around the ruins did not seem to worry about wearing shorts and t-shirts, in spite of what is often said in the guide books.
Having just about recovered from the tumultuous sites, we repaired to Zahle for a typical Lebanese lunch by the river. The tour company had arranged for superb range of meze and mixed grills all included in the price of the trip.
Finally a quick stop at the Ksara vineyards

Avaliado por: Elias C , Novembro 2015

One of the most beautiful places on earth I have ever seen!!! Baalbek is spectacular and a must see in your lifetime.Good tour and the lunch was good as well.Downside was the transportation which was kind of uncomfortable and van was small.

Avaliado por: Shahriar S , Maio 2015

This is most amazing tour I ever had in my life with very good food. I never though I fall in love with just bunch of rocks! If you are Lebanon, this tour is a MUST!

A message to the manager of Nakhal tour, I have experienced two tours, this one and Geitta. I think the reason I really love this tour was because of very professional guide by Natasia. Very professional and friendly. I hope you do whatever it takes to keep her happy, because she is the reason of your success for these tours.

Avaliado por: Jenufa , Março 2015

This day trip is worth it! The sites are unbelievable. It was excellent having transport to the sites and a tour guide explain the history. I was a solo traveller and was able to meet other travelers.

Avaliado por: Tanya J , Fevereiro 2015

Fantastic tour to see the impressive sights of Baalbek and Anjar. Don't let the government warnings put you off, go and see this remarkable history!! Excellent tour guide and driver made the day feel informative, safe and very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: JAY W , Abril 2014

Baalbek is a place you must see when you visit Lebanon.

Avaliado por: STEPHEN G , Janeiro 2014

Excellent tour. Madelaine, our guide was very knowledgable and very friendly. The traditional lunch was a definite highlight. This gives you a good grounding in the history of the country in the beautiful countryside outside of the city of Beirut - with spectacular views as you climb above the city and over teh mountain passes into the valley beyond

Avaliado por: Eugene B , Dezembro 2013

An amazing experience! We were picked up promptly at our hotel and taken to the offices of the local agent to join a party of five (excluding the very knowledgeable guide and excellent driver - travelling in Lebanon and Beirut in particular is, in itself, an experience to live through!) The journey to Anjar was very interesting and the difficult circumstances under which Syrian refugees live was quite patent. The brief on and visit to Anjar was interesting and well worth it. The little shop at the entrance has well priced and attractive locally made jewellery and other wares - my wife's only regret is that she didn't buy more gifts - we didn't come across similar products on our other visits. Baalbeck and its Roman ruins was the highlight of our week long visit to the country and definitely worth travelling to Lebanon to see. We were treated to a delicious lunch in a family restaurant in the quaint town of Zahle and then went wine tasting at Caves de Kasara before returning to Beirut and our hotel. Was the security situation a concern before departure? Of course, but at no stage did we feel unsafe or intimidated and have no regrets about the decision to join the tour.

Avaliado por: Ebru Ç , Novembro 2013


Avaliado por: Ruby R , Julho 2013

This tour was amazing and our guide Madeleine was fantastic!

Avaliado por: Aoibhin d , Julho 2013

This was a great tour given by Natasha. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! It was packed full of great insights and information, and every question we had was answered. Everything went absolutely smoothly from an operational perspective and the food was delicious. Baalbek was very impressive and it was great to get the tour from someone with such a strong knowledge of archaeology in both Baalbek and Anjar. The wine tasting at Ksara capped off a very enjoyable and interesting day. I'd highly recommend this tour and tour-guide.

Avaliado por: Carolina S , Junho 2013

Muy buena organizacion, puntuales y la guia , magdalena, muy amable, preocupada e interesada en transmitirnos la historia de los lugares q visitamos.

Avaliado por: THOMAS V , Junho 2013

One of the TO DO things if you're staying in Beirut a couple of days

Avaliado por: robert m , Abril 2013

been to 30 countries,best tour and a5 star lunch/ dinner

Avaliado por: Duane F , Março 2013

Thoroughly enjoyable and sites were programmed well in the day. Very informative and excellent guide.

Avaliado por: Reinhold R , Março 2013

Very beautiful landscape, great culture and fine food and wine!

Avaliado por: Gregory P , Novembro 2012

This was a great tour and the guide was friendly and informative. You will see plenty of ruins, taste some wine and have a typical Lebanese dinner in a picturesque resort town.

Avaliado por: monica g , Setembro 2012

Very beautiful and interesting, the tour guide was very nice

Avaliado por: fabianfantz , Setembro 2016

Overall, the tour was great, very informative and insightful! However, I am not sure if the food served for lunch that day was sanitary as they were left in the open when we arrived. As we were rather late for lunch the food might have been sitting there for some time possibly. If so, that might have been the cause of my stomach discomfort and diarrhea the subsequent day.

Avaliado por: Clarissa P , Junho 2016

This was great! Baaalbek ws wonderful as was Anjar. The trip was organized and the tours were very detailed. By the time the winery came around, I was ready to go, it's a long day and felt rushed so i could have skipped that, but overall this was a great day of my overall trip to Lebanon.