• Local: Kona, Havaí
  • Duração: 4 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Jackie B , Junho 2016

If you don't swim or snorkel, this is the way to go. guides were very informative they knew all the fish, was a great time, recommend it highly.

Avaliado por: Larry C , Outubro 2015

The views were great. The crew was able to move the sub so that both sides would get view's of special places on the ocean floor.

Avaliado por: Kysha C , Março 2015

This was a very fun activity and appeals to all ages. Cody was our guide and he was very informative of the marine life as well as the ocean itself. We enjoyed the submarine more than the Luau but the Luau provided a pleasant insight to the Hawaiian culture.

Avaliado por: Sheryl F , Abril 2014

My husband expected this tour to be kind of cheesy but went along to please me. He admitted this after the trip and expressed how surprised and pleased he was with it. He said it was the highlight of his trip! As for me, I loved it! The guide (Samantha?) was very knowledgeable. It was well worth the money especially paired with the luau.

Avaliado por: Robert N , Março 2014

Awesome time

Avaliado por: GAUTAM S , Janeiro 2013

A very exhilerating and educational Adventure for all ages!!

Avaliado por: MARTIN L , Agosto 2012

great time!

Avaliado por: niallsmum , Australia, Setembro 2011

Submarine trip on Wednesday was rescheduled due to heavy swells. Atlantis staff texted before 9am to arrange new day if possible, we did it on Friday instead, and so the Luau voucher was faxed direct to Royal Kona for collection at 5pm.
Luau was absolutely fantastic, professional set-up, great band, amazing dancers including the fire-dancer as the finale, excellent food, coffee and open bar! (soda, juice, beer, spirits and Meitai) Throughly enjoyed by all, especially the kids. Parking at luau was just $3, or there is free parking about 5minutes walk away. Photographer takes a group shot on entry, which is available for purchase after an hour for $20.
Atlantis Submarine tour was well organised and safe. Photographer takes group shot before going out on the boat shuttle to the sub, and photos are available for $20 on return to boat, this includes a CD with your photo and images of fish etc from previous dives. The submarine went to depth of 100ft and included going around a shipwreck. We saw all sorts of fish and coral, including an eel "Elvis" and a barracuda. Optional purchase of the dive-log ($1) was well worth it as the kids spent lots of time ticking the boxes of the fish they had seen. Tour is narrated by one of the staff (not pre-recorded) and so he was able to tell us exactly what we could see and answer any questions.
Highly recommend doing both tours !!

Avaliado por: Donald H , USA, Janeiro 2009

The submarine staff was very nice and helpful. Viewing the ocean bottom was interesting and fun. Enjoy every bit of the view. The Royal Kona Resort Luau was so much fun. I would suggest this luau to everyone. The entertainment was great, food was good, and the environment was wonderful. Definitely would do this again!!!!

Avaliado por: Alina K , Novembro 2016

The submarine part was awesome!! Really a unique experience. But the luau wasn and #39;t that great, performance was ok, the guy dancing with fire is super cool, but food was terrible.

Avaliado por: Brenda B , Fevereiro 2016

A MUST DO! I only rated it a 4 because of what you see compared to the Atlantis in the Cayman. I will however give it a 5 based on the crew being much more entertaining than the crew in the Caymans. If you've never been on a submarine before this trip is definately a 5 for you!

Avaliado por: Kennith F , Abril 2014

An enjoyable time, quite the experience. Wish we had seen more variety of fish.

Avaliado por: Sarah G , Março 2014

A professionally operated and maintained submarine that will give you an experience that you cannot duplicate. A staff that you can trust, with experience and specific knowledge of what lies beneath.

I'm just an average person who thought this sounded fun. You will see what is in the ocean that day. Set realistic expectations, enjoy the tour, and absorb the experience.

Avaliado por: Marvin T , Março 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed both the submarine adventure and luau at the Royal Kona resort. It isn't very often that you get the opportunity to go 100ft underwater to view the marine life without scuba gear! The luau was our first, so it is difficult to measure against others on the island, but it seems like several are put on by the same group - just at different venues. It was a great dinner experience - good food, drink, and entertainment.

Avaliado por: Rachel J , Setembro 2011

It was definitely worth the adventure of the submarine. The crew is very friendly and nice. We saw soooo many fish and even eels and a shark! It was so cool to see them up close as we do not scuba dive. We just like the bragging rights of going on a submarine!!

The Luau was very good as well. The food was much better than expected (I've been to one other luau) and it was very well organized. I do wish it was sit in the sand style. It was just chairs at banquet tables. The all-you-can drink mai tai's pack a punch! You can add an extra shot of rum for no charge. We took full advantage! The entertainment was lovely. All in all, I would recommend both venues and this as a package was a great way to spend the day!

Avaliado por: beckyglaze , Maio 2015

I would give the submarine tour a four and the luau a three. The dancing at the luau was amazing but the food was only so-so.

Avaliado por: concrete , Setembro 2011

2 different ratings for 2 events
1st..Sub ride.. I felt like i was an extra on the boat and one the sub. there was no mixing of customers. Not something i would repeat.

2nd Luau
Incredible... huge difference... great mixing, superb food and the performance was captivating. Bravo!!!

Avaliado por: Ana , Agosto 2015

it was ok but I was expecting more views.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Janeiro 2009

PA system unbearably loud on sub--very distracting. To sum it up, more talk than action. Would not recommend it for adults, small children would be the more appropriate audience, but I wouldn't want to subject my young children to the decibels of the PA system. The CD doesn't contain all the material as advertised in the brochure-20 for that and a picture. I'd like to say I liked it, but there wasn't a whole lot to see and I walked away wishing there had been more. The luau was okay. The dancers entertaining. Some of the staff was indifferent and I would prefer to be asked to have my picture taken and not ordered to do so. The luau had a somewhat religious overtone, and there were a lot of people from different faiths/countries, so the push for hand holding and praying etc. I found to be potentially disrespectful. I would check out the show again if it wasn't for that type of stuff. Actually enjoyed the luau once the show started, better time than the submarine. Really turned off by all the nickel and diming, brochures that should be included with the price of the sub ride, preferred seating at the luau, buy a lei, it knicked away at having a fun time and focused more on being treated unequally. Didn't seem to jibe with the aloha spirit.