• Local: Bilbao, Spain
  • Duração: 1 dia (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 15,19

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: arnaud c , Maio 2016

c'était très bien. explications très claires

Avaliado por: Gwyneth W , Outubro 2011

An excellent tour round a lovely city. The bus driver was most helpful. Fortunately one of the bus stops was close to our hotel so we were able to use it as our form of transport across the city. Highly recommended!

Avaliado por: Norma T , USA, Agosto 2008

We toured the Guggenheim Museum in the morning; hence, we only had the afternoon to take the hop on hop off bus. That was a big mistake. We wish we had spent more time with the bus route. It was very informational and convenient, and there were nice views from the bus. We will definitely do this again if we ever go back to Bilbao!

Avaliado por: Michael S , Junho 2015

Good route and lovely driver. Only complaint is the regularity of the bus and no signs for the pickup points.

Avaliado por: Carmen V , Junho 2015

The first tour started later in the morning which we didn't expect. This gave us less time to visit the places we wished to see.

Avaliado por: Russell G , Junho 2015

A reasonably good tour for the price 12 to 14 e. Bus runs a 1 hour circuit and has a good bilingual commentary. Not really HOHO because of the 1 hour wait between buses. should add buses to cut interval to 30 or 40 minutes.

Avaliado por: michyyz , Dezembro 2014

Bilbao is a relatively new tourism destination since the opening of the Guggenheim so this tour gives a great overview of the city in a relatively short period of time. It's concise and interesting. There aren't very many actual buses doing the circuit, so plan your tour time.

Avaliado por: William M , Maio 2014

Arrived in Lisbon on the Ruby Princess and the Hop on bus was already at the port as we docked. Very easy access and great tour routes on both the red and blue lines. Only problem was Lisbon traffic which turned the red tour into 2.5 hours. Be prepared for traffic and bring sun screen!

Avaliado por: Bokimrx , Junho 2012

Great way to see the city. Only 1 hour long however didnt commit to the scheduled time.

Avaliado por: Lorna G , Julho 2011

As we were only in the city for a short time this tour gave us a comprehensive look at the city, All points of interest were shown to us and many historical facts given to us.
At the end of the tour we felt a flavour of Bilboa had been given to us and we would like to return for a longer spell to explore the city in more detail.

Avaliado por: Jennifer F , Outubro 2010

Good tour if you have only a few hours to see Bilbao.

Avaliado por: GABRIEL D , Agosto 2009

This gave us a good overview of Bibao.

Avaliado por: Victoria B , Canada, Agosto 2008

Bus was clean and speaker was loud and clear.

Avaliado por: George , United States of America, Junho 2016

Tour was worth it for a city orientation. We stayed on the bus for the hour and didn't use the on/off option.
The bus was old and rather uncomfortable. You had to listen to the site explanations in three languages, which was rather tedious. The same tour bus in San Sebastian was more advance and provide head sets so you could select the language you wanted.

Avaliado por: Renee H , Outubro 2015

Its ok if you want to get an overview of the city.

Avaliado por: Robert T , Setembro 2014

Good tour but the bus used is showing signs of wear. Also a bus every 30 minutes would be helpful. 11.00 is too late for a first departure.

Avaliado por: Rebecca L , Junho 2013

This was more like a bus tour than a true hop-on hop-off bus. There was only one bus so if you got off, you had to wait an hour for it to return. Also, in other countries, they give you an ear phone for your language which was better than having to listen to the announcement in 3 different languages. Because of this, you didn't get as in depth commentary. Still, it did give a nice overview of the city.

Avaliado por: Payton K , Junho 2013

Worth doing. Convenient

Avaliado por: Yvonne P , Junho 2012

OMG - the stops were SO hard to find and identify. Luckily we managed to spot the building in the background of the official photo otherwise we would have wasted our money.

Avaliado por: Kimberley J W , Agosto 2007

We went to the first stop on the receipt of the ticket that I got at home, and no bus came. We walked to the second stop and waited, and still no bus came. Finally, we went to the Guggenheim stop, and a bus arrived. In the meantime, we had walked and asked locals about this bus service for about an hour in the summer heat. I would definitely guide your passengers better on how to meet up with the bus to best start the tour. Also, there were no earphones for tour, so the passenger conversations in the other languages around us were VERY distracting. The sites were great though.

Avaliado por: Ed K , Setembro 2016

Do not recommend this at all, old buses and not a friendly driver

Avaliado por: Corinna R , Julho 2014

Wir buchen seit Jahren Hop-Touren,z.B. Barcelona,Neapel,Dubai,Kreta,Abu Dhabi.Dort gab es nur gute Erfahrungen.
Bibao sollte aus dem Programm fliegen, oder einen anderen Busunternehmer engagieren!!!
Wir wurden grob BETROGEN!
Unser Internet-Voucher wurde erst nach endloser Disskussion akzeptiert.
Bushaltestellen teilweise unauffindbar,da nicht beschriftet.die freundlichen Bilbaoer wollen helfen,kennen aber diese Busse oft nicht!!!
aangekündigte Stopps wurden überhaupt nicht angehalten trotz Rufen und Klopfen einiger Reisender.Der Fahrer spricht NUR baskisch,behauptet nix zu verstehen.
Die letzte Tour nachmittags fällt anscheinend aus,denn es kam keine Bus mehr trotz 40 Minuten warten.
Beschallung erfolgt nicht über Kopfhörer wie sonst üblich, sondern man muss 4 Sprachen per Lautsprecher über sich ergehen lassen,so dass der betreffende Ort längst weg ist,wenn englisch kommt.
Es gibt keinerlei Bonusheft wie im Internet angekündigt,die Tourkarte ist eine schlechte Privatkopie in Schwarz/Weiss-also unbrauchbar.
Viator sollte diese Subunternehmer gründlicher auswählen und besser kontrollieren.Wir fühlten uns verarscht für den Preis und kauften noch zusätzlich eine Bilbaocard,mit der alles wunderbar klappte.Schade um den vielen Ärger,die verlorene Urlaubszeit und Zusatkosten!!!
Wir sind megaenttäuscht und überlegen, ob im bevorstehenden Sommerurlaub erstmal vor Ort nachgesehen wird,ob Hop-Tour funktioniert-schade für Ihr Portal-sorry den Ärger nie wieder.
Corinna Romahn