• Local: Bodrum, Turkey
  • Duração: 12 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Lauren G , Setembro 2015

Pamukkale is spectacular and absolutely worth visiting, however I'm not sure I would recommend this trip...
While the tour guide was lovely, and very knowledgeable, I was a bit frustrated when we were told that we would be stopping not only at an onyx store, but also at a leather store. Not ideal.

Avaliado por: Olivia D , Junho 2015

This place is amazing. We were picked up from our hotel at 05.45 and returned to our hotel at 21.45. It was a very long day. Pammukkale itself was great. We had not previously been informed that there would be 2 trips to a leather and an Onyx factory. These did not add anything to the trip, in fact it made it too long. I would recommend that these be dropped. Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon stops were fine.

Avaliado por: Sunny M , Junho 2015

The air conditioning on the bus was not working .there was a burnt smell inside the bus .the guide was good .the group was ok

Avaliado por: izzi , Saudi Arabia, Setembro 2014

We only saw Pamukalle but ALL the pools were dry, and there was a water hose filling up a small area, unlike what is advertised about the location. The tour guide spoke poor English (when he did) and spoke mostly in Italian. The lunch was horrible. Anything else was alright.

Avaliado por: Melanie B , Agosto 2015

The trip from Bodrum is much longer than is listed: we left at 06.00 in the morning and returned at 21.30h in the evening. The drive took up more than 5 hours to get there and 4 hours to return. At the site we didn't have enough time to visit the terraces, hierapolis and the thermal baths. We had to choose. Our guide pushed us into the baths, without any explanation about the terraces or hierapolis. We ended up visiting the terraces and saw a small part of hierapolis, since we only had 2 hours of time at the site.
Breakfast was expensive and early, somewhere around 09.00h. Lunch however was horrible: we ate at 16.00h, way to late is you haven't eaten since 09.00h. We had only 20 minutes to finish and the food was cold and had been in the trays for way to long.
Our guide was an unpleasant man who didn't speak English very well. He was rude towards his group and complained a lot about not getting tipped enough. He spoke about Istanbul for 15 minutes and then rambled on about Turkey for another 30 minutes. All of this was not relevant towards the site we were visiting. Everything I learned from hierapolis and pamukkale comes from my traveling guidebook. I don't remember anything from what he said.

I defenitly would not do this trip again, and I don't recommend any one to do so!

Avaliado por: Sumit A , Setembro 2014

Our experience of the tour was not very pleasent. The tour bus broken down quite a few times both ways while coming and going.Due to this a lot of our time got wasted. We missed our dinner and show at the hotel that we pre-paid for. we reached the hotel quite late aound 12:15 pm instead of 8 / 9 pm. Also the shuttle bus that was supposed to drop us back to the hotel told us because the bus was big so it cant go down to our hotel and hence dropped us way away from our hotel Royal Arena near ghumbet. We had to then take a taxi back to the hotel and also had to seperately spend for our dinner even though we already prepaid for it at our hotel, because we were late. It caused us sheer inconvenience.