• Local: Brisbane, Australia
  • Duração: 9 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Sabrina G , Novembro 2015

It was a great Trip! First stop was at Eumundi Markets where we had 1 hour to spend. Then in noosa we had a short drive with the ferry and then enough time to lay on the beach, do some shopping and have lunch. We also saw the village Mountville and then the Glasshouse-Mountains.

Avaliado por: Diana S , Dezembro 2015

It was sort of OK. Nothing spectacular when it comes to service and nothing catastrophic either - everything lukewarm so to speak. I had much better tours many times over.

There's not much to say actually except that I had to pay 10 to be picked up from the hotel.
At least if I was charged like for a taxi, I expected something for my money, not the driver to show up 15 minutes too early and pester me with phone-calls and SMS-s 4 of them in total! to hurry me downstairs!
That was revolting. I was not late, HE WAS TOO EARLY and did not show any manners pestering me PHONE-CALL and MESSAGE AFTER MESSAGE to get ready.
Once I went downstairs he lied without shame, pretending his car clock was 10 minutes in advance and 'only now' he noticed his own 'mistake'.
After I hopped into the car, I checked the named clock immediately. The clock did not even work - it remained stuck the entire day showing the same hour/minute.
Why did I have to pay 10 dollars extra to be picked up from the hotel and then be treated like I was some stupid child you lie to because perhaps the child cannot tell time - or what? It was very insulting.
What sort of business practices are these?!

Sorry, I will never use this company again because of that, no matter what tour I'll choose in the future.
I was 5 minutes away by car from the meeting point at Roma Station, but I had band-aids on my feet from walking a lot, so I wanted to spare myself a walk at 7 am in a very humid day. They could have been courteous enough to pick me up anyway FOR FREE, as their itinerary passed by my hotel within about 20m distance anyway.
After charging me 10 for the great 'favour' of picking me up, they took me to the meeting point and every other hotel pick-up to end up again PASSING BY MY HOTEL in the end on our way out of Brisbane!
So they don't do me a common sense favour but they ring me and SMS me 4 times in 15 minutes because the driver decides to show up 15 minutes too early.
No next time with them, ever.