• Local: Cairns, Praias do Norte ou área de Palm Cove
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Sandy T , Junho 2016

Loved every minute of this excellent well presented tour. Very informative and lots of fun. Buffet meal was lovely too.

Avaliado por: Gary H , Abril 2016

this was a great afternoon, and the driver Rick was excellent a great person of information and funny.

well done

Avaliado por: Stephanie D , Setembro 2015

Our entire family really enjoyed this adventure. It was very well organized, moving us as a group from one show to the next. We learned so much about the crocodiles! Don't miss the area with the roos and wallabies that are so tame- a fun place for the kids to pet a kangaroo!
This half day tour was the perfect thing to do with all ages! It never felt crowded and the pick up/drop off from the hotel was perfect.

Avaliado por: Stephanie C , Junho 2014

Fantastic setting with excellent knowledgeable staff with a good sense of humour. Lots to see in beautiful surroundings.

Avaliado por: Susan , Ireland, Agosto 2012

Brilliant tour , well organized. The bus driver was very good and interactive with the children and others. You don't miss a thing and its was a great tour, you come away with a better understand of Australia's wildlife.

Avaliado por: Zenon A , Maio 2012

Good shows! Need more time to enjoy!

Avaliado por: B C , Dezembro 2011

Brilliant place with very friendly staff. I had a terrific time.

Avaliado por: HIEN V , France, Setembro 2011

Very well organized afternoon. The boat tour and the crocodile attack show were fun, scary and informative.

Avaliado por: Nadezhda N , Janeiro 2011

Very nice and safe contact to awesome reptiles - Hartley's crew are wonderful cheerful people with a fantastic sence of humour! I've enjoyed this adventure a lot!

Avaliado por: Sharon W , Australia, Julho 2010

Really enjoyed this. The snake and crocodile shows were a must. A half day trip is definitely enough to fit everything in.

Avaliado por: Jeff S , USA, Maio 2010

Hartley's is a nice place to see Australian wildlife. It was well worth the half day and a great tour for someone arriving in Cairns early in the day and wanting to jump right in. All other tours began too early in the day before my 9 am arrival. The driver was very nice and quite knowledgeable about the habitat and local fauna.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , USA, Agosto 2008

We did a half day, which was really worth doing. There was a lot to see: a great crocodile attack show, snake show, animal feeding, and more. There were huge crocodiles there, and also other animals to see like koalas, cassowaries, snakes, and lizards.

Avaliado por: SIMON C , Dezembro 2013

I had a fantastic day here, but be under no illusions this is a farm for the purpose of breeding crocodiles for skin and meat, so if that offends you don't go. (But please do, you'll have a great day). It is not a zoo per say, but having said that it does also form the function of a zoo away from the meat production. There are also some excellent opportunities to photograph some 'wildlife' which visits or lives in and around the park, for example I took (for me) some great shots of Nankeen Night Herons. The shots of the crocs were outstanding too, both esturine and freshwater. In relatively safe and 'natural' conditions. I learnt loads too, about breeding, temperature affecting gender and so on. I missed the boat (timed) because I too busy talking to the Cassowaries, no problem, they just put me on the next boat. There was so much to do here, its not just crocs, although there were some monsters, there's koalas, birds, snakes, a lovely black headed python, beautiful frogs, roos (and loads more too) and a nice cafe for an ice cream or a cup of tea. I went off away from the crowd and did my own thing, watching the big male crocodiles having a spat, sorting out breeding rights. It was really nice, not to busy. They had some staged shows too, which the kids loved. I liked them too, with a Steve Irwin (rest his soul) type patter. It was such good value for money, I wish I could have spent longer here. From a wildlife perspective I was like a kid in a candy shop, with wild birds, rainbow lorikeets, and welcome swallow swooping in. The lady on reception was nice too, and we had a short chat about frogs. I did an expedition to Rio Mazan in Ecuador to help with frog study in the 80's. Hartley's was well organised (if a little contrived, like many of the Australian events I've been on), but I enjoyed it. I would go again, and so should you too.

Avaliado por: David P , Fevereiro 2011

My very full half-day trip to Hartley's. The crocodile feeding on the riverboat tour was excellent, as was the attack show. The tour of the crocodile farm was interesting if a little short. And Hartley's also has a number of other animals on site, including koalas, cassowaries and exotic birds. I would strongly recommend visiting this place if you have a spare half day in Cairns

Avaliado por: Suzy D , Australia, Agosto 2010

Great guide who really made the tour fun. Great shows and lots to see

Avaliado por: Shirley S , Australia, Fevereiro 2009

The silence and stealth of the crocks was scary.

Avaliado por: margaret c , Agosto 2013

the shows are very good! good day out

Avaliado por: Catherine , Dezembro 2011

Thought this was a great day. It was a great croc attack show when one of the handlers get into the pen to show you the head shake and death roll

Avaliado por: F M W , Outubro 2016

Spent about half the tour on the bus doing pick ups and drop offs. Would have been better to do a morning day trip or just driven there. Felt rushed and kids hungry when we arrived but by the time we had a break for lunch cafe was closing

Avaliado por: Jill R , Março 2013

Do a full day tour that includes the croc farm instead of this half day tour. You are only in the farm for two hours and that is about an hour too long cause the farm is very small. But the crocs are awesome to see and you do need to check out Hartley's if you have the chance to do so.

Avaliado por: Peter J M , USA, Novembro 2008

For the price it was an enjoyable afternoon out. Interesting but nothing too much out of the ordinary. The croc feed was cool. Not a must do but it was fun.

Avaliado por: Mark C , Australia, Agosto 2008

There was a lot of bush land. Not many attractions.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Australia, Março 2008

Interesting and informative, but much prefer to see crocodiles in the wild.