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Avaliado por: jordan , Outubro 2016

Amazing personal tour with a very informative guid.. just driving the hummer through cancun was an experience in it and #39;s self.. the zoo is like nothing back in the uk and we had the cenote pretty much to ourselves :) the fish burrito is amazing aswell

Avaliado por: Hsiang Hsiang H , Abril 2016

Taking this tour is the best decision we could make in our Cancun trip. Our tour guide is fun, genuine, knowledgable, sincere, and has a big heart for Mexico! Love everything about this tour and this tour is for everyone in every ages! Definitely would recommend anyone that's going to Cancun to take this tour!

Avaliado por: Michael B , Fevereiro 2016

Great tour! Marak was great as many of the other reviews mention. Very nice, friendly, personable, informative, etc... It was just my family 5 Marak on this tour so we drove our own Hummer while he had his own. Great time at each stop.

Avaliado por: Alexandra F , Novembro 2015

Very nice! Definitely worth the money and the tour guide, Merek it's brilliant!

Avaliado por: Florian K , Novembro 2015

Eine tolle Tour mit jeder Menge Erlebnissen kompakt an einem Vormittag. Die Quad-Fahrt über felsigen Boden ist sehr ruckelig und nicht für jedermann zu empfehlen, das Zip-Line fahren ist sehr kurz, aber macht Spass, die Cenote ist auch sehr erfrischend und nicht zu überlaufen, der interaktive Zoo ist das absolute Highlight der Tour!

Avaliado por: stanleyt , Junho 2015

Great trip. Guide was very knowledgeable, spoke "perfect" English , and was very attentive to our needs. We couldn't be more pleased.

Avaliado por: Brian c , Março 2015

This is a great excursion to do get a little bit of everything action , culture ,knowledge ,and local history tour guide was great hummers were very nice the one small down fall was the atv were pretty rundown an beat up but other then that was a great day highly recommend it good time for the money

Avaliado por: M John K , Dezembro 2014

This was sooo much fun! We recommend this to anyone wanting to experience everything. We had the best guide and would do it again! Just make sure you are up to all the activities listed so you don't hold anyone else back on the tour. (We had this problem w/ people in our group)

Avaliado por: dpth , Janeiro 2014

This tour was quite a lot of fun. There was a little bit of everything with zip lining, swimming and a short ruins tour. The guides were great, very friendly and accommodating.

Avaliado por: Tamara S , Agosto 2012

This tour is a must do while in Mexico. Great tour. Great tour guide ( Merak). We had so much fun!! !One of a kind experience

Avaliado por: Blake W , Março 2011

This tour is awesome! It is a perfect mix of gaining knowledge about the area (history and current state) and adventure. I would recommend this to anyone and would do it again without a doubt. Our guide was really awesome and made the tour even better. Thank you Ezekiel!

Avaliado por: Barry J M , Fevereiro 2011

The best part of our trip, the zoo is an absolute must for all family members. The guide was very knowledgeable and made the day a lot of fun

Avaliado por: jhoppe10 , Fevereiro 2015

This was a lot of fun. No snorkeling tho.

Avaliado por: mara m , Março 2012

Great tour! start out driving hummers to El Rey Ruins. Our tour guide Markel gave an excellent history of it. Then drive hummers to zip line...this is ok, but if there are a lot of people on your tour it takes quite a bit of time to get through. Then drive hummers to ATV's to ride backroads to the C Note. Again, if large group this takes quite a bit of time for everyone to get prepared to ride the ATV's. There was a family of 8 in our tour group and they all had to change into bathing suits here and it didn't seem right because everyone had to wait for them, only one restroom to change in. The C Note is amazing...beautiful and the water is so refreshing and clean. Would have had more time there if family didn't take so long to change clothes. Then drive hummers to lunch in puerto morales, a cute little place on the beach outside, was great food and atmosphere. The drive hummbers to the Crocoon Zoo... awesome experience, walking right by aligators out in the open, holding a baby aligator, a baby boa snake and feeding and touching wild spider monkies that come down from no where out of the jungle trees. This was a great experience that I will never forget. Then drive hummers back to meeting point. Best points of trip: El Rey Ruins, C Note, Zoo. The zip line wasn't that great and the ATV tour was a little dull, you go slow and if someone can't ride right you get held back waiting for them. Thanks much to tour guide Markel, he made the tour awesome for us :-).

Avaliado por: Kristine D , USA, Agosto 2011

Excellent guide! Although we didn't do any snorkeling, we still love Merak! =)

Avaliado por: Donna W , Setembro 2011

Don't think we got the full adventure of the tour because there was only 4 of us in our group. First of all, we were all squished in one hummer and the guys took turns driving. Us girls didn't get to drive. The cenotes were beautiful and refreshing. Jumping into them is awesome! I was disappointed with the ziplines. The one over the cenote was extremely short. Still fun, but not like I thought. The one above ground is so unsafe. You walk up this crookedly ladder to a makeship raft looking landing to get to the line. The zoo wasn't impressive either. Tons of alligators though. The food for lunch was inedible, unless of course you enjoy authentic mexican food. I'll take what we feel is mexican food over that anyday. Overall, it was an enjoyable day, just not what I expected.

Avaliado por: Jason J , United States of America, Maio 2011

The jungle tour was not worth the money, just the jungles tours. The buffet could have been a better varties and at lease to alcoholic beverages free. The other parts of the tour was fabulous.