• Local: Cancún, México
  • Duração: 2 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Mike D , Abril 2016

Fun - just the right amount of time too. You don't get as close to the sculptures as the photos lead you to believe though.

Avaliado por: nora , Agosto 2015

Such a great experience. If you are not PADI certified and don't want to spend the money getting the certification go this route. You can see everything just as clear and it's so beautiful. Just be prepared to swim as there is a lot of swimming involved. This day we also saw the reef and all fish.

Avaliado por: James M , Fevereiro 2015

The guide and boat captain were great. They did an outstanding job and the trip was outstanding. The seas were a little rough but the guide did everything he could to ensure we had a great time and saw the museum and some coral reefs in the area. I would do this again if the opportunity presented itself. Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Sophia29 , Janeiro 2015

Having never snorkelled in my life - I was a bit apprehensive - no need. The level of patience was phenomenal. The boat ride was exhilarating. Information about the museum would have been great. The museum itself was breathtaking and you get to see a bit of the coral reef as well.
Word of warning: check the cost of travel for the distance between your hotel and the port.

Avaliado por: Natalie P , Agosto 2014

The guides were very attentive, making sure we all had water during the trip there and back. They also gave a great tour of the museum and were able and willing to answer any questions we had.

Avaliado por: Edward Ian P , Abril 2011

The water was very choppy/wavy when we went out to snorkel that day, but the boat crew made it feel very safe and they were very professional/fun overall. Although we only saw a very small part of the museum, the fun, exciting and dizzying boat ride back made it worth the trip!

Avaliado por: charliemclaughlin4 , Agosto 2016

Not for the novice snorkeller. Even with a life jacket, the sea swells can be high, so a certain level of fitness is also required. You get to visit two locations, the second being in a more sheltered area. There were children in our party, 8-10 years old, who managed, as some held onto the tour operator's life bouy and all were accompanied one parent/adult to one child. However, the staff were friendly, they provided free refreshments water and fruit on board the boat and of course you get to to see something very unique.

Avaliado por: John B , Julho 2016


Avaliado por: Beth I , Março 2016

Fun time! Saw lots of fish! Great way to spend an afternoon!!!

Avaliado por: marensb , Abril 2013

The speed boat ride out to the museum was really fun and more like an amusement park ride than a quiet boat ride. The water was rougher than I expected but the guide was excellent at keeping us safe and all together. I really appreciated that he clearly pointed out each installation on the tour so we were sure to see it. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys snorkeling and is looking to do something a little different.

Avaliado por: Neil Ryan R , Outubro 2014

The underwater museum is a nice activity, and definitely not for the whole family as the swimming can get tiring with the ocean current and if inexperienced. Also it is far from the Aquaworld so plan on spending about 30-45 min ride to arrive to the location. Maybe a nice addition would be to take to Isla Mujeres or allow for a drop off since you are next to the island. Overall a good swim with nice view of ocean life and art

Avaliado por: Michael W , USA, Julho 2011

Not as fascinating as they make it out to be

Avaliado por: Constance G T , Abril 2012

I really enjoyed the staff on the boat. However, I never did actually SEE the statue exhibit!! I only saw one "person" statue......and one car statue. And, that was all. I WAS with the rest of them and was within 10 feet of the leader. At the time, I thought we would be boarding the boat and going to another place to view the museum. So, I was VERY surprised to find out that I'd missed the museum. Please urge the staff to better direct the people when in the water, as I don't think I was the only one who missed it.

Avaliado por: Tracey S , Março 2012

Disappointing, you only get to see 2 parts of the museum, I was expecting to see a LOT more than this. It is not what was advertised. The speedboat ride was fun but overall I was very disappointed in this

Avaliado por: Jennifer N , Setembro 2011

First we stopped at another location to look at fish. We were probably there 30 mins - most of that time we were waiting for everyone to get off the boat. And about 3 other boats came at the same time and dropped off people in the same spot. Most of the time we spent trying to figure out which group was ours because every boat had a group leader saying "over here! over here!". We spent maybe 10 mins in the water when we got to the museum and had to hold on to a rope the whole time. The statues are pretty far away from the water and so it's hard to see much detail. It just looked like a whole bunch of statues that looked like people dumped together in one spot - at least that's all we got to see. I thought there would be much more and more spread out and closer so we could take better pictures. In all, the actual boat ride was probably the best part of the excursion.

Avaliado por: Patrick G , Maio 2011

I was quite disappointed with this - I expected to see more of the museum but the one thing you do see is very good. The snorkelling was good and the speedboat ride was excellent fun.