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Avaliado por: Adam B , Novembro 2016

Maurice, our guide, was extremely informative, educational and a blast to hang out with on this tour! He was extremely accommodating and extremely helpful in explaining things! The tour itself was amazing especially the light show at the end. It and #39;s a long ride from our hotel in Cancun but worth it!

Avaliado por: Michelle H , Novembro 2016

I would recommend this tour to any adults visiting the Riviera Maya. It is a great value. You really do beat the crowds. The ride was smooth and relaxing. It leaves later than the other day tours, and routes you through a little town to an entrance not accessed by the other tours. The Mayaland Hotel grounds and the ruins are in a beautiful natural setting. Local vendors are set up along the main paths and the perimeter of the historic structures, away from the Mayaland Resort. Some of the merchandise was handcrafts I hadn't seen in Playa del Carmen, so if you like to bring home something special, I recommend bringing extra pesos, though there is not a lot of time to engage with the vendors if you want to keep up with our very knowledgeable tour guide. The walking tour ends around the time that the vendors are packing up. Tapas and drinks at the hotel were very good, with a beautiful sunset view over the silhouette of a distant ruin, but the food was delivered in small amounts. A wonderfully produced movie of the Mayan culture was presented in English at a small planetarium at the hotel, which was the perfectly prepared us for the light show, which was all in Spanish when we went, translating devices were not available yet. We were extremely fortunate to have had a cloudless sky with no moon for the light show. The day ended with a smooth and quiet ride home, and a box lunch which was nothing to write home about--but no complaints here, as we weren't there for the food. We arrived at our hotel just before midnight. It was a long, wonderful day, and it was truly the highlight of our stay in Mexico.

Avaliado por: rabarbee , Agosto 2016

We had pick-up from our hotel and then went to a different hotel to pick-up another family. Had it not been for this family, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the trip as much. They were Mexican but had moved to America over 40 years ago and were back visiting. They brought their granddaughter and my wife and I had such a blast getting to know them and enjoyed seeing the sights with them. My recommendation for future travelers - Eat right before you go - get something minimal during the provided lunch at the restaurant - and spend as much time in the ruins as possible. We felt like we spent a very large part of our day driving, waiting, eating, etc...and only had 1.5 hours to see the ruins. Our guide Mauricio and his driver Francisco were absolutely great. Our light show got rained out, but we still had a blast. This was probably the best excursion we've been on while traveling.

Avaliado por: Mark M , Julho 2016

Chicken Itza is a wonderful experience and if one is a visitor to Cancun, try to get there. Take the time. It is 4 hours round trip but try to see it. Just make sure that the tour group gives you the same directions of where to be picked up as the tour director.

Avaliado por: Christopher , Canada, Maio 2016

This was an amazing experience.
Our driver and tour guide, Carlos, showed up at our resort in a new, luxury Mercedes car. The car was very comfortable and Carlos was very accommodating to our needs and comfort on the 3 hour drive to Chichen Itza from our resort. We had a lot of questions along the way in relation to Mexico, Chichen Itza, the Yucatan area, etc, and Carlos was very knowledgeable in all areas - patiently answering all questions.
Arriving at the beautiful Mayaland Hotel, which sits within the historical site of Chichen Itza, we had a wonderful lunch... the food was fantastic and the service was amazing. Make sure you try all 3 hot sauces when the waiter brings the starter of chips/guac and Pico De Gallo to your table.
After lunch, Carlos led us into the historical site from the grounds of the Mayaland Hotel, which bypasses the main entrance of Chichen Itza.
Again, Carlos demonstrated his knowledge of the Mayan civilization and the historical site by giving us insight into each structure within the city. We were then free to wander on our own until 4:30 when the site closes. We headed back to the Mayaland Hotel to sit on the terrace and watch the sunset over the observatory of Chichen Itza while enjoying our complimentary drinks and tapas. Again, excellent food and service.
At approximately 7:30, we headed back to the main entrance of Chichen Itza to view the light show at the Temple of Kukulcan. I was a little skeptical at first about a light show, however, it turned out to be a beautiful and sophisticated journey of light imagery and sound projected onto the pyramid.
After the show, time for the drive back to our resort with Carlos. All in all, an extremely wonderful and awe-inspiring day. Carlos made sure we made it there and back in style and was there to answer questions and give us a very informative tour. We will have many memories for years to come. Thanks so much! If you want to tour Chichen Itza, this VIP package is a must.

Avaliado por: Olivier J , Fevereiro 2016

Le site est magnifique et l'horaire décalé permet d'éviter les groupes de 60 personnes. Le guide, très disponible, parle très bien de sa culture aujourd'hui et de ses origines. Il mêle humour et information avec un discours qui donne envie de le suivre. Nous avons bénéficié du planétarium en français. Certaines informations se répètent mais il y a tellement de choses que ce n'est pas forcément un mal. Les tapas sont arrivées à la tombé de la nuit et nous en avons profité en amoureux face aux monuments. Le son et lumière met vraiment en valeur le site. Bref une expérience vraiment complète, agréable et qui vaut son prix.

Avaliado por: Dot , Junho 2015

Our tour guide was Faustino and he was very, very good. He made sure that the staff at Mayaland Resort took very good care of us in between tours at Chichen Itza.

He gave us a very good background and history about the Mayans and Chichen Itza as well as a lot of anecdotes. The planetarium show was very nice as well as gave us a visual history of the Mayans and how they integrated the stars and skies in their lives.

The only hitch was that the Lights and Sound Show did not push through because something went wrong the night before and they were not able to fix it in time. Other than that, everything went really well and I would highly recommend this tour to people who want a relaxed but very informative visit to Chichen Itza.

Avaliado por: Nancylsmith , Junho 2015

Can't wait to go again. Felt very pampered! Would love to have spent more time walking around the ruins but all in all a fantastic trip. The highlight was, of course, the evening light show. A great way to end a wonderful day. Our tour guide and driver were amazing. Highly recommended excursion. You won't get the light show with any other group as far as I am aware.

Avaliado por: Laura W , Março 2015

Excellent tour! Our tour guide, Mauricio wad amazing! Small group of 4, really made us feel like VIPs. The food was awesome.

Avaliado por: Lilia H , Março 2015

All the tour was wonderful the Driver Don Benito and the Guide Don Delio were excellent hosts for all day tour. The food was delicious and the attention from everybody was remarkable. The night show was amazing and breathtaking.


Avaliado por: Andrew R , Fevereiro 2015

excellent trip, from being picked up at 11am to being dropped off at 11pm...
small group of 5 of us so we had plenty of time with Mauricio the guide who was very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Chichen Itza was spectacular in the day and the sound and light show (although in Spanish with no English translation...yet) was equally interesting. Plenty of good food and attentive waiters at the lunch and dinner breaks, and the Margheritas were a good way to round off the evening!
Perhaps more time could have been squeezed in at Chichen Itza for sightseeing without the guide, but that's a small gripe. Recommended.

Avaliado por: oscar javier c , Janeiro 2017

El viaje desde cancun es bastante largo pero el show es muy bueno

Avaliado por: Vj M , Junho 2016

Fantastic day, ended up just being 2 of us and our tour guide was great, a bit more free time around the Chichen Itza site would have been good as we missed out on seeing the cenote :

The projected show was fantastic. And the food supplied was great.

Avaliado por: Annette C , Março 2016

The journey is Chichen Itza is nearer 3 hours than 2 hours. The guide was extremely good although a little more humour would have been good. The lunch was pleasant. The light show was good but should have been offered in English even if there was an extra cost for it. Overall a great day out.

Avaliado por: Jeffrey O , Outubro 2015

I thought that this tour was amazing and it was a fascinating trip to experience all that the Mayans where able to build at Chichen Itza. The food was very good and so where the tour guides and drivers as well. My only complaint was that it is such a long drive to get there. By the time that you have lunch and then get into the park it didn't feel like you had as much time as you would like to explore Chichen Itza. I wasn't picked up at my hotel until close to noon so I would like to see the pick up for this tour set at an earlier pick up time. The extra time spent in the park would be well worth an earlier pick up time. Going to Chichen Itza was an incredible experience though.

Avaliado por: David D , Maio 2016

Our tour guide was very nice and informative. The lunch was wonderful at Mayaland. The tour of Chichen Itza was nice but then it became tedious. The movie was ok but then the wait until the movie back at Chichen Itza was too long. To have a tour take from 11 AM until 12:30 AM was way too long.

Avaliado por: Personal Travel , Maio 2015

Very interesting. Had fun! The unlimited margaritas is misleading. You only get drinks during lunch and one other time before light show.

Avaliado por: David H , Setembro 2015

I was not impressed with this tour, after arriving 15 minutes late at the hotel in a van which was not anything special which saying it was a Mercedes Van implies a certain level of luxury which was not at all present.

The tour guide was virtually impossible to understand on the van and only marginally better on the site. About 20 minutes was wasted at some halfway point along the trip waiting for another van to arrive which the guide went to. So in fact this guide was not for one van but in fact 2.

When we arrived at the hotel they use we had a good lunch but that was really a waste of time because of being late it cut the amount of time actually looking at Chichen Itza to a shorter amount. The meal was of good quality but like I said because of wasting 35 minutes on the trip there we lost time.

If you want a real VIP experience take any quality transportation The tour buses we used to go to Xcaret were much nicer for example and stay one night at the hotel connected to Chichen Itza.

This is NOT a VIP tour, it is very misleading how this tour is advertised. My girlfriend was very disappointed with the experience also however she liked the time at Chichen Itza and if we go again we will stay at the hotel for one night.

Its quite a long drive to get there so staying over one night would give you time to relax and you could go to the site early in the morning when its empty.

The evening show was good but if you stay at the hotel you can do that for a very low cost also.

This was a very disappointing experience.