• Local: Cidade do Cabo, África do Sul
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Christine P , Dezembro 2014

A fantastic trip, a great driver/guide who was informative and amusing. Wonderful scenery, I managed to go out on a boat and had super views of the whales. Probably one of the best day trips I've done.

Avaliado por: MARIA M , Janeiro 2014

It was a very nice tour but it wouldn't be without the boat trip. From the coast at this time of the year you can't see any whales, but from the boat we saw whales,seals and man many dolphins and it was great!

Avaliado por: Lynne T , Setembro 2012

Great trip.we actually saw loads of whales.

Avaliado por: Fiore L , Italy, Dezembro 2011

Splendid excursion, beautiful places personal kind and efficente

Avaliado por: KEITH V , Janeiro 2010

Hermanus whale watching was top-class. Definitely worth doing.

Avaliado por: Christine J , United Kingdom, Novembro 2008

Amazing experience, was lucky to go when the whale festival was on. The driver gave us interesting facts as we travelled to Hermanus which made it all the more interesting.

Avaliado por: Mark H , Dezembro 2014

Great day out and great guide. We skipped the whale boat trip but the view from the cliffs was amazing and the guide kindly lent us his binoculars.

Avaliado por: Hannah H , Dezembro 2014

Tour was over all great, only irritant was that the boat was mega crowded and it made it hard to get a good viewing spot.

Avaliado por: annllewwil , Outubro 2014

we had perfect weather and the guide found several places to veiw whales, with a calf learning to flip its tail too.beautiful place to visit and stay,.

Avaliado por: Lisa A , Janeiro 2014

Our small group was transported from Cape Town to Hermanus via a beautiful and sceanic drive. Our guide offered interesting narrative and stopped sufficiently for pictures and other essential matters. Hermanus is a pretty little town where the whales can be viewed from the city while you stroll along the shops or by boat. Definitely a change of pace from other Cape Town tours. You will not want to miss this!

Avaliado por: Gary I , Dezembro 2012

Although it was the end of the whale season our giude managed to lead us to two sitings. The trip was enjoyable, the guide was great, and the views were breathtaking.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Janeiro 2010

Beautiful scenic drives through various towns with a bit of history infused makes the drive pleasant, and maybe it could have been more so, without a tour guide that makes comments about formerly white neighborhoods becoming mixed and the blacks-colored who move there living just like them when they move in as though they weren't expected to, the neighborhood near district 6 not being too good "if youre a "whitie", about being thrown off a black bus in Joburg, about the "bushmen Koikoi or whatever we have to call them now", "not knowing what to do with the blacks from the townships" that came from the eastern cape because "there were no blacks in the western cape" before they were brought in to work I dont know what the guide thinks the koisan are, them getting things for free and not wanting to pay for anything such as electricity, about Jews and them not being happy unless they can tell their sad stories, a particular group of people being racists, but that "unfortunately like most people who get things done they usually are", constant references to "the new South Africa", with intermittent infusions of "My colored friends" to somehow try to make all the above resonate differently. He said "make sure not to call a black person a Kafir and a colored person a Hottentot because if they have a witness you can get a huge fine" , etc not because it wrong. I got a bonus added to the tour as a person of color. Insight into what some people probably dont utter out loud or may share with friends who look like them or their families when people who look like me arent around.

Avaliado por: Elaine J , United Kingdom, Novembro 2008

We did have a great day. The guide was really good and so helpful and knowledgeable and the driver was so friendly. The only thing I want to say is that I could have done without the extra hour taken at the wine tasting. There were other wine trips people could book if that was their choice but I had chosen to spend time watching whales for maybe the only time in my life. We only had just over one and a half hours at Hermanus and some of that time we needed to find some food. I just think that a Whale watching trip should be just that especially as the wine detour was not even included in the itinerary, bit naughty really.

Avaliado por: José T , Dezembro 2011

It was an interesting but the stay in Hermanus ,where watching the whales by boat couldn't take place because of strong winds, was a bit too long

Avaliado por: Debadatta P , Setembro 2011

The trip was nice but we could not see any whale. Since the trip is based in whale watching, without this it was not worth. I feel that the boat ride to see whales should be included in the trip so that even if the cost will go up, there will be no frustration. Our guide was excellent. He tried his best with several moves but it was just our luck.

Avaliado por: Bhanu , United Arab Emirates, Setembro 2011

Our Guide (cannot remember name) was a Hermanus local and had a great sense of humour which kept us entertained during the drive. We did have some stops along the route where we made use of photo oppurtunities. We stopped at Betty's Point stoney bay where we saw lots of penguins. We were at Hermanus late morning and then we spent a lot of time in whale watching from the cliffs. There were quite a few whales there. Chris did suggest us to go for a boat ride which gets us much closer to the wheels but we did not go for that. I would suggest add this part on your website so that tourists are aware of the "whale watching by boat" option at time of booking itself. We never saw any Whale Crier during the many hours we spent on the Hermanus cliff. The place is beautiful and we saw many with telephoto lens going for the photos. We were also not sure why kids are being charged adult prices when the only thing done is pick and drop services till Hermanus.

Avaliado por: Bastian L , Novembro 2013

Guide hat viel erzählt aber die Möglichkeiten der Weintour bzw. Pinguinesichtung waren nicht gegeben.
Preis-Leistung passen nicht wirklich zusammen. Die Tour kann auch einfacher und günstiger mit eigenem Auto unternommen werden.

Avaliado por: Heather K , USA, Março 2010

The drive was lovely and our guide very friendly, however, to do the boat tour you had to pay extra and lunch was not included. For a full day of whale watching, both should have been included and would have made for a much better experience as we only saw whales from pretty far away. The drive was really lovely though and the penguin stop was really cool too.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , USA, Dezembro 2008

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and experienced. The portion of the tour which he controlled was well executed. Unfortunately, the whale-watching cruise company seemed as if they were amateurs or worse. The 2-hour cruise extended to 2.5 hours, requiring me to miss lunch. The boat would not have passed US regulations because everyone in the rear was inhaling carbon monoxide from the engine exhaust.

Avaliado por: Frank M , Outubro 2011

I was dissapointed. I know that there is no guarantee you will see whales, but the tour took us to see penguins, wine tasting and left us at the Hermanus town for 3 1/2 hours. Also they told us that we had an option to pay about $90 extra to go on a boat to see the whales. The tour is very misleading because they do not tell you about the extra charges if you want to go a boat.