• Local: George Town, Cayman Islands
  • Duração: 90 minutos (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 108,99

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Avaliado por: Tom , Julho 2016

Great excursion under the SEA
This excursion has to a must on your trip to the Grand Cayman's.
You will be pleasantly entertained on this to short trip on the Atlantis.
The color's of the fish and the Coral was so beautiful.
The staff on the sub were very knowledgeable of everything we saw.

Avaliado por: James K , Junho 2016

This was a really good trip. Our tour was very small which made it even better because we were able to move from one side to the other to see. After talking with some other people - the night trip might have been better because the sun makes the colors look faded. With that said it was still great. Would do it again if ever back in Grand Caymen.

Avaliado por: Jeffrey P , Abril 2016

A unique experience to see the sea floor at depths below 100 feet!

Avaliado por: mmaricarmen89 , United States of America, Julho 2015

Great Expedition, but I suggest to take the night one instead, I think it would be better because of the lights. Still we love it.

Avaliado por: Kathy D , Abril 2015

Well worthwhile! There were only 8 people on our tour, which was a huge plus. There were lots of fish, even saw a couple of lion fish. Would definitely advise sitting on the right side of the pilot for the best view.

Avaliado por: Cynthia C , Março 2015

Luck of the draw? The sub was not crowded so we could use windows on both sides, clearly made it more enjoyable. It allowed my non scuba wife to experience much of what I did - except she didn't get wet.

Avaliado por: Annie S , Março 2015

We did the night time submarine and it was amazing. We saw lobsters, crab, eels, a nurse shark and much more. And amazing staff!

Avaliado por: Claire R , Março 2015

Great tour and very interesting! Do think the night version may show more colors. Crew were entertaining and informative! Easy view out portholes. Noisier inside than I had anticapated but did not affect hearing tour information. Very happy we added this to tours we did on Cayman!

Avaliado por: marte.stevenson , Março 2015

This was an amazing experience which my husband and i would repeat. It was informative, and so peaceful. This is a great stress buster.

Avaliado por: sepdcp , Setembro 2014

This tour was great. We got to see several types of fish and the coral reef was beautiful. I would recommend the tour.

Avaliado por: Kenneth W , Fevereiro 2014

The dive on the Atlantis was outstanding. Our guide was very informative, and very funny. We could not believe how close the pilot got to the beautiful coral reefs on both sides. As we came to the reef wall edge you could just see the wall fall away to "nothing" below, about 2,500 feet down. Truly amazing !

Avaliado por: Charlie , Janeiro 2014

It is everything it is advertised to be! A real submarine that travels all around the reef. The guide (Johnny) was fantastic!

Avaliado por: Angela Lee , Canada, Junho 2013

Awesome views and experience all around.

Avaliado por: JOHN M , Janeiro 2013

Excellent submarine dive/underwater tour was improved by the chatty and humorous insights of Jon, the tour "guide". Best experience of our week-long cruise!

Avaliado por: John R , Janeiro 2013

This was truly the best experience of any tour anywhere. The crew were experienced and good at keeping the passengers alert to the experiences outside the portholes of the sub. We would come back just for this tour alone - thats how great it was.

Avaliado por: K.Rowena S , Maio 2012

This was an exciting excursion. The water was beautiful blue, clear. Being able to see the world under water was a chance of a lifetime and it was beautiful. The crew was extra friendly and comical which made the uneasiness of being under water completely vanish. We saw beautiful coral's a lot of fish and a nurse shark, pretty cool! If you try the daytime excursion you have to try the nighttime, totally different and the colors come alive.

Avaliado por: Marybeth H , USA, Agosto 2008

This is an experience that all sea lovers should do. I really enjoyed the sights that the crew showed us. The staff was more than eager to help when I booked a tour for their time and not the ships time and was not able to attend the tour I was scheduled for. They made accommodations for us to attend the tour that was leaving when we arrived at the site. I was very pleased that they fixed my mixup. I would definitely use Viator to book activities again.

Avaliado por: DANIELLE M , USA, Agosto 2008

We all enjoyed the tour. Especially the children that were on board.

Avaliado por: Tahania A , Agosto 2016

It was great fun to be able to go 100 ft under water. The children really enjoyed it. We were amazed by the amount of fish we saw, although didn't see any shark or large predator fish. Saw a turtle. However, we were quite disappointed that there was no colours it looked almost black and white under water apart from splash of colours here and there. I think a snorkeling trip is much better value to see all types of fish in its true colours highly recommend coral gardens and barrier reef and stingray city.

Avaliado por: shannonpitchforth , Maio 2015

Not spectacular, but everything it was advertised to be. The submarine was comfortable, and each person had their own porthole for good viewing. The narration was informative. The tour was just about the right length.

Avaliado por: Melody F , USA, Fevereiro 2010

A great way to go 'below the deep' but we felt it was a little pricey. However, it was interesting. Seating provided plenty of room and ports to look out allowed good viewing area.

Avaliado por: Margreta V , Fevereiro 2009

Very interesting. Ship was only half full of passengers which is best way to take the tour. Uncrowded space allows each person to easily switch from port to starboard viewing portholes depending on the under water sites. However, hard of hearing people will miss the tour guide's talk. Atlantis might consider writing up the pertinent information so passengers who don't hear well can get some additional information explaining some of the visual information presented through portholes.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Abril 2007

Conveniently located. Friendly and polite staff.

Avaliado por: Tracy S , Setembro 2016

My husband enjoyed taking a ride on the submarine, however after about 15 minutes the tour became repetitive and uneventful.

Avaliado por: Alicia D , Julho 2016

The crew was great, but the tour at night is not worth it. We thought we would see predator fish, as described, but once we got on board we saw no fish. The crew told us that sound of the engine and the lights scare them off and that you see a lot less fish on the night tour. I wish I would have known that ahead of time, so we could have tried the day trip...or skipped all together.