• Local: George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Duração: 2 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 86,99

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Avaliado por: cnovak1084 , Dezembro 2016

This was a great excursion! This was the excursion that my husband picked, and I wasn't very excited about it at first. I haven't been on a jet ski since I was in 7th grade so I was a little nervous. The jet skis were easy to use and I had no reason to be nervous. The guides were great. They knew so much about stingrays and were very helpful and friendly.

It was so cool to hold the stingray in my arms. As long as you aren't nervous they will just lay in your arms and relax. The stingray was so much softer than I thought it would be. Once we were done holding the stingrays, we went snorkeling for about 20 minutes. Even though the water is so clear, you still don't realize how many fish are under there until you put the mask on.

The shuttle driver I forgot his name was so nice! We didn't want to miss the tour so we were at the meeting place early and talked with our shuttle driver for quite a while. We learned a lot about Grand Cayman and got some great restaurant recommendations. He chatted with us the whole way to the marina. He made us want to come back to Grand Cayman for a longer stay!

This was such a great experience. I was so beautiful. The water was so clear and blue and the sand so white! I think the jet skis were a much better way to go than by boat. It was so fun and the group is so much smaller so you don't feel like you're cattle on a tour. My only regret is that we didn't have a waterproof camera so we didn't get any pictures. I guess we will just have to go back and do it again! This is a must do if you're headed to Grand Cayman!

Avaliado por: Tara W , Outubro 2016

Absolutely amazing and a ton of fun!

Avaliado por: Justin S , Outubro 2016

Well worth it ! The jet skis were great and our guides were awesome. You truly can't appreciate the beautiful waters of Grand Cayman until you are a couple miles out in the middle of a sandbar. Being able to pick up and hold wild stingrays was exhilarating and a once in a lifetime opportunity.. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting Grand Cayman. Enjoy

Avaliado por: CACEY.SANDERS , Outubro 2016

By far my favorite excursion I have ever been on! The waves were rough but we had a blast on our jet ski! The guides were great- way more hands on with the stingrays than the boat tours who take you there. Snorkeling was okay, lots of coral but not a lot of fish because of all the wind that day!

Avaliado por: Mark H , Julho 2016

Great tour from beginning to end. Highly recommend it!!!

Avaliado por: ejdonne , Junho 2016

I highly recommend this tour. The staff was great and the tour was a lot of fun. My 12 year old daughter and I loved it.

Avaliado por: David K P , Junho 2016

This was the highlight of our cruise. We had 7 people 3 double skis and a single and we all had a great time. I have done stingray city before by ferry and there is no comparison. The jetskis were a blast, and we weren't in a group with 100 other ppl like the ferries. The guides have a secure van to store your things and the skis have a dry box. We did the snorkel option as the Starfish detour wasn't available. The snorkeling was just OK, so if you can get the starfish option maybe go for that. The guides were all professional and helpful, and did the usual snag a stingray, let you pet it kiss it, etc. We all appreciated the tipping situation, especially as compared to Jamaica. Rather than groveling for tips they set out a red can and you put in there whatever you wanted, and we gave them a well deserved tip without any moaning or groaning or in-fighting as was the case with another tour company in Jamaica. My highest recommendation !

Avaliado por: Cynthia , Junho 2016

This Excursion was my favorite it was more than enough time on the Jet Skis and the most clear and beautiful waters at the Stingray City. I highly recommended we were five from my family and we had so much fun there. Snorkeling was swell too but the beautiful white sands at stingray city was cridiculusly beautiful. Take your sun block lotion and wear a UPF-UV protection shirt and a string-hat if you have one cause you are in the ocean and sun hits you all the time jet skis have a dry box to pur in so when you go in the ocean.

Avaliado por: angelnbrian1 , Junho 2016

Great excursion! You will not be disappointed!

Avaliado por: Brian T , Junho 2016

This was an amazing experience. Tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. Will definitely do this tour again.

Avaliado por: Deborah L , Junho 2016

Our family of 4 truly enjoyed this excursion with Sean and company. They did a great job taking us from the pier to Stingray City and then to a reef for some snorkeling before returning to the pier. Great crew, great fun!

Avaliado por: krystal_moncure , Maio 2016

This tour was amazing. We had a blast. Highly recommend :)

Avaliado por: Carol F , Abril 2016

This was our first experience with jet skiing we rode double. Trip guides could not have been The water was VERY choppy, and challenging. Enjoyed it immensely! But these 62 year old women may have been lacking the upper body strength to pull ourselves back up from the water onto the jet skis - so thankful for our guides who sacrificed their bodies to come to our aid! The sting ray experience is incredible. Clearest water on sandbar where you can safely stand, tame rays, knowledgeable guides. Snorkeling was very good too. Spoiler alert - we had trouble walking for the next two days so did the 20 somethings that were with us. Sort of like after you horseback ride for the first time. So glad to have done this and would do it again.

Avaliado por: palion , Novembro 2015

Great tour and a lot of fun. Great and helpful tour guides.

Avaliado por: valerie b , Abril 2015

Our family enjoyed this excursion, swimming with the stingrays was awesome. Our guides really made it fun.

Avaliado por: migue_a_c_o , Novembro 2014

Best excursion ever!! Lots of fun!!

Avaliado por: Steve A , Outubro 2014

Wish it was longer but it was a great excursion at a good price.

Avaliado por: freee2005 , Agosto 2016

This tour was very nice as a small group. The Jet ski ride was a little choppy but can be very fun depending on what you are looking for. Once we arrived at sting ray city the guides immediately picked up two rays and we split into groups of four and had a lot of time with holding them and taking pictures. We all held them for quite a while with the guides sharing information as we took turns holding them on our own. The other groups around us had 30 people all huddled around a couple stingrays. Our experience was far superior to the bigger groups. The snorkeling was not very good but that seemed to be the theme our entire trip and we were there for the sting ray's anyway.

Avaliado por: Robert F , Janeiro 2015

I REALLY enjoyed jet skiing! The water was beautiful and our guides were top notch! Definitely recommend this!