• Local: Colônia, Alemanha
  • Duração: 1 dia (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Aj , Julho 2016

Amazing day of relaxation. During our trip 30/06, it was cloudy, the water was calm and the intermittent commentary about the surroundings really made it worth taking the cruise. The staff spoke english well and the rates were pretty okay both on the deck and in the restaurant below. It was not crowded at all, and the cruise ship itself was a 3 decker. Definitely recommended for people who are looking for a day off of their busy european tour to calm down and recharge.

Avaliado por: Michael S , Outubro 2015

Easy to use

Avaliado por: Cristina H. , USA, Junho 2013

the best tour ever !

Avaliado por: Denice T , Agosto 2011

My family and I did a 1 day rhine river cruise from Cologne and just had a wonderful time. It is well worth the expenditure.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Agosto 2008

I was very impressed with the service provided. The entire process went smoothly and the trip was memorable beyond words. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is interested in having a perfect vacation.

Avaliado por: James R , Agosto 2013

We enjoyed the boat trip very much! HOWEVER...the communication/promo about what the trip would actually be was inadequate and confusing; so much so, that my husband and I missed the boat's departure, because we thought that we could just catch the next boat. NO WHERE DID WE SEE THAT THERE WAS ONLY ONE BOAT AND THAT WE HAD BETTER BE ON IT OR ELSE!! We don't understand why there is not more communication in English; lots of people would love to take the trip if they just understood what it is exactly.
The service on board the ship was EXCELLENT!! The prices for the food are very reasonable and everything was quite tasty. The shipmates were helpful and the gentleman at the departure dock helped us catch the correct tram so that we could catch up with the ship.
All in all, we were very pleased...we just thought we were going to be getting on and off the boat throughout the day, and that was not the case...lack of clear and concise communication.

Avaliado por: Tirthankar C , Setembro 2012

Good tour. But takes a lot of time to reach places with full of scenic beauty

Avaliado por: Lynn , USA, Junho 2012

Good tour but commentary seemed boring and speaker sounded like he didn't care.

Avaliado por: Bradford G , USA, Agosto 2010

To see this river in Germany is a must! Buttttttttt.... their river schedule is so complicated from Cologne to Mainz which cannot be done in one day but can be done in reverse is horrible. I had to make three phone calls to Germany to figure out how to get to Mainz in one day. WARNING!!!! When booking MAKE SURE you understand their complicated schedule.

Avaliado por: Sudeep Khapre , India, Junho 2010

An excellent way to see the German countryside and value for money considering the price, within which you get an entire day of cruising on the Rhine. Can also be used as a mode of transport, as we did Boarding in Koblenz and completed our journey at Mainz, wherein you can move further to the Black forest region...........

Avaliado por: DOINA S , Belgium, Novembro 2009

A very nice way to spend one day on the river! You have everything: live music, bar, restaurant, children's playground, and the wonderful view of the river, with two decks to admire it and have fun. I would take it again, but next time I would go by train from Lindz to Koblenz, and then another ship to Mainz, and then back to Koln again, or maybe change route.

Avaliado por: Jane S , United Kingdom, Maio 2009

It was a relaxing and enjoyable day, but we didn't really get into the prettiest part of the Rhine valley. In fact, it was fairly built up and even industrial until south of Bonn. The ship's staff members were pleasant, although commentary was minimal.

Avaliado por: Marius J , South Africa, Agosto 2008

This was really great. Absolutely no problems with the service provider, one of the best we have used! A word of caution, READ the schedule and time tables very carefully and make sure you understand it. Once you get off the boat at one of the smaller towns, you cannot travel in the same direction again. There is only one boat going down-river and one going up-river per day. Still worth doing.

Avaliado por: Sallyanne C , Outubro 2014

It was a good trip but a bit of a snooze cruise. Glad to get off and visit LInz, a beautiful town. Wished we had known to book a train back and then would have enjoyed the trip more

Avaliado por: Carol L H , Maio 2012

Long day. Beautiful scenery, but there is long areas of industry along the river. Enjoyed the stop at Linz.

Avaliado por: Joy , Maio 2012

KD provided me an unforgettable experience on Rhine Cruise with the most cost-effective service. If I were given a second chance, I will also be eager to choose KD.

Avaliado por: LISA E , Agosto 2012

Wish the website would have provided more detailed information about the cruise. I didn't know how long the trip actually was until I boarded the ship. The cruise starts at 9:30am and comes back at 8pm. It's a long trip! Also, I wish they would have given an address that I could put into my GPS so I could locate the area better especially since I am not familiar with every part of Cologne. I also suggest getting off of the cruise at the last stop, that way you can see everything along the way. Overall, it was a pleasant trip, I just wish I would have had more detailed information before I booked it.

Avaliado por: Robert A , United Kingdom, Junho 2010

My one complaint is why can you travel from Rudesheim to Cologne but not from Cologne to Rudesheim? It does not seem like good business sense if you run a service in one direction, surely you should be able to return. We had to go from Cologne to Lindz on the boat then catch a train to Koblenz then catch a boat from Koblenz to Rudesheim.

Avaliado por: Yu Chiu Steve L , Hong Kong, Janeiro 2010

I left the cruise at Bonn. Obviously I missed the most beautiful spots.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Hong Kong, Julho 2009

Nice day on the Rhine; however, probably would advise taking this further north. Only one town to really stop & get off the boat & then only had an hour on land. Was relaxing after 'walking' for 9 days on other activities.

Avaliado por: Mukhizam M , Setembro 2012