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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Hanna S , Março 2013

There was some confusion at the airport around the voucher and the reservation but once I got the right shuttle, all was well.

Avaliado por: Kathy , Australia, Novembro 2011

Shuttle prompt and efficient

Avaliado por: Paul H , Fevereiro 2011

The transfer was very efficient and at a excellent price.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Agosto 2008

No problems - was wonderful!

Avaliado por: Brendan B , Agosto 2016

Very efficient

Avaliado por: Nancy S , Janeiro 2014

Got me to the plane on time. Thanks

Avaliado por: Firoozeh B , Junho 2013

The trip was excellent
The driver came on time
The vsn was clean.

1: the driver wanted me to pay additional $14

He told me that "since u do not live in hotel and u r not checking out you must pay me$14."

I told driver that " I will not pay anything and please check with you

Avaliado por: Maria Lucia F , Dezembro 2012

It was fine !They arrived on time and everything was as I expected to be

Avaliado por: Llewelyn P , Outubro 2011

polite prompt service

Avaliado por: Jen B , Agosto 2011

Apart from the collection from the hotel being about 15 minutes late the mini bus driver was courteous and efficient. He drove well and got us to the airport well on time.

Avaliado por: Rose C , Agosto 2011

Fine - no hasslesgetting to the airport and no arguing about cost with a cab driver.

Avaliado por: Tracey-ann H , Fevereiro 2011

on time and very polite

Avaliado por: Diane M , Março 2010

Problem solved with company, and the driver was great.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Agosto 2008

This is the second time I've used Viator and the second time I've been totally pleased!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Dezembro 2006

I had to make sure to read all of the instructions as to how to make this happen but once I did, it went very smoothly.

Avaliado por: Thomas T , USA, Dezembro 2006

The ride back to the airport was great - although the driver was 20 minutes early!! Good thing I was ready.

Avaliado por: Stephen P , Australia, Outubro 2012

Adequate, although sometimes these shuttles are too crampted

Avaliado por: Karen W , Australia, Julho 2012

I think it would have been better by taxi - though I am unsure as to how much that would have cost.

Avaliado por: Craig T , Dezembro 2011

The website was not clear that you had to call SuperShuttle directly to make a reservation. I thought the voucher was a reservation but when I called SuperShuttle they explained that it was only a voucher not a reservation. Did have to wait longer that anticipated to be picked up.

Avaliado por: George S , New Zealand, Julho 2010

Was extremely disappointed with service. I spoke to a representative and they assured me that it would only take 30-40 minutes. I asked to leave early and it was good that I did. We were picked up at 10:20 am, they said 10:10am and did not get to the airport until 12.25. Also the driver spent the whole journey either texting or speaking on the phone and driving one handed. Whilst appreciating the constraints of shared rides I still was dissapointed.

Avaliado por: Fay O , Outubro 2015

driver told me viator voucher does not cover total cost .Had to pay extra 3 each

Avaliado por: Glenys C , Julho 2015

Driver was quite rude. My husband left his glasses on board and we rang straight away. Got through to despatch and they said the driver hadn't found the glasses. We think it was because we didn't tip him. we apologied that we had no US dollars left , he wasn't happy. Nor were we.!!!

Avaliado por: Jesus A , Fevereiro 2015

Called viator to make reservation. Everything seemed to go smoothly. I called the transfer company to make sure. The company told me viator never called, all they did was charge me and I had to take care of everything else. I was charged $38 for what they told me they charge $20. Viator is a scam!

Avaliado por: Chris H , Agosto 2012

Really under deliverd on service. Having booked airport transfers all around America during our 7 week stay without any trouble, this transfer was a nightmare. The driver insisted we have a hard copy of teh voucher (which isn't easy to get when you're staying in hotels) and wouldn't accept the saft copy on my phone (all previous transfers did). He then said we as we don't have the voucher we would have to pay in cash and seek reimbursement from teh company for teh the credit card payment. When I disputed this he became agressive and said complained consistently that he wouldn't get paid. Very poor costomer experience. Take a cab

Avaliado por: Eileen W , Agosto 2011

Our transport to Dallas Fort Worth airport arrived 25 minutes late. The driver was very grumpy. He refused to put more than one bag per passenger in the boot and spent ages before driving off, checking and validating our pre-paid voucher which we booked and paid for through Viator.