• Local: Darwin, Australia
  • Duração: 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: PJ , Fevereiro 2013

Fantastic, my personal favorite highlight of the trip and we flew over Kakadu!
Definately a Bucket List item, an unforgetable lifetime experience...Up close and personal, got to kiss a CROC..

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Julho 2010

The Cage of Death gives you the real "crocodile" experience. There’s no fudging the issue here – this is terrifying! Armed with just your swimwear, you walk down a ladder into an acrylic ‘cage’. It’s a see-through box, with holes between the panels for the water to get in, and a metal grille at the top. The guys behind the controls try to get you as close to the toothy predators as they can. Essentially, you are left swimming around in the water a metre or so away from the most efficient killing machine nature has ever devised. And they’re not babies either – my crocodile was 5.5m long and weighed 790kg! What happens next depends largely on the crocodile’s mood. They are essentially lazy beasts, and if they’re not feeling hungry, they’ll probably just sit where they are minding their own business. If, however, they fancy a light snack or decide that you are invading their territory, they will attack the cage. This is more likely during the wet season then during the dry, but can happen at any time. When it does, there’s little option but to cower in fear and hope that the acrylic barrier does its job. Otherwise, it’s a privilege to sit back and observe. Getting this close whilst living to tell the tale is an honour, and watching them move through the water is awe-inspiring. Of course, you can splash, bang on the cage and make as much noise as possible to grab the attention... Note from Viator: This review is from David Whitley, who wrote a detailed article on his trip to Darwin, Australia over on the Viator blog.

Avaliado por: Martine , Novembro 2012

An excellent experience. The tour operators where helpful and informative. The price of the photos were a little steep however buying the cd of the photos prooved to be a great choice as video footage of the experience was included.

Avaliado por: Lisa B , Indonesia, Janeiro 2012

Great activity if the crocs are lively.

Avaliado por: Laura D S , Maio 2012

Unfortunately when we went all of the crocodiles were sleeping so it wasn't really all that stimulating. We were just in a glass cage in water staring at them. I think the experience would have been cooler if the crocodiles were awake and more interactive. However, as they are wild animals, it is always impossible to predict how they are going to react.