• Local: Denver, Colorado
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Catherine S , Novembro 2016

Shuttle was on time. Wonderful, polite driver!

Avaliado por: stingerman56 , Outubro 2016

This is the first time I experienced using viator and it was fantastic. The individual was on time and very personable. We got to the airport on time. I look forward to use viator in the future!!

Avaliado por: Sydney K , Outubro 2014

The driver came into the hotel, since I was not at the entrance that he pulled up to. He was most resourseful. I appareciated it. There was horrendous traffic, due to a 15,000 people race in downrtown. He knew the fastest and best way to drive around the path of the race. Overall experience was excellent.

Avaliado por: Agnes W , Outubro 2014

Punctual - Great service!

Avaliado por: Ben B , Abril 2013

Everything about the experience was positive. The vans were on time, and the drivers were courteous and helpful. The call alerting me as to the imminent arrival of the van was appreciated. Thumbs up!!

Avaliado por: Karen , Australia, Junho 2012

on time, easy way to get to airport

Avaliado por: John C , United Kingdom, Junho 2012


Avaliado por: Donna T , Janeiro 2014

crowded but cheap

Avaliado por: Julie C , USA, Outubro 2012

Great! The shuttle service was prompt and very friendly.

Avaliado por: Derek C , USA, Janeiro 2011

got me to the airport on time

Avaliado por: Eric N , Outubro 2015

The ride was late. The ride we were supposed to take told us he couldn't take us because a previous passenger was late. Other than that, it was fine.i think in the future when I fly to Denver, I will not reserve a ride to the hotel. I will find a ride at the airport.. I think I would save money.

Avaliado por: Brian S , Setembro 2015

Driver was OK, but not very friendly. Trip was fast.

Avaliado por: Lawrence F , Agosto 2014

Driver went to pick up additional passenger but went miles out of way as put wrong address in GPS. Wasted about 20 minutes. Not good.

Avaliado por: Lynn T , USA, Julho 2010

There was a little confusion as to how to get to the airport. That was the only thing. I and another couple got there on time however, the routes during rush hour need to be planned better.

Avaliado por: Heather R , USA, Julho 2010

I had a hard time finding which shuttle went to my hotel. The shuttle was packed and I could barely get to the back row and I am not a large person.

Avaliado por: Jan J , USA, Julho 2010

One hour late but I still made my flight on time.

Avaliado por: Amy S , Junho 2016

My trip from my downtown Denver hotel to the airport was a complete and utter disaster. The scheduling system of this company is horrendous and ridiculously inefficient. I felt bad for the poor driver who was working very hard trying to accommodate everyone on what was an impossible task. Everyone on my shuttle seemed to be scheduled for pickup around 2:30, yet we were all from different hotels. The time it takes to drive to several hotels and find the right person for that specific shuttle very rapidly adds up such that no one can be picked up on time and a vast amount of time is wasted simply by trying to pick people up who are scheduled to be picked up next--I cannot understand how Supershuttle has not figured this out yet as it was immediately apparent. We drove around to pick people up at different hotels in downtown Denver who were right next to each other for an HOUR. Moreover, several people had simply given up on the shuttle and/or were correctly worried about being late for their flight and took other accommodations. Yet, our driver was not informed of this and we wasted even more time attempting to pick up people who were not even there. If I had known this would occur, I would DEFINITELY have taken a taxi or Uber to the airport. By this time, so much time had been wasted that calling getting out of the shuttle and calling for a taxi at that time would also have been risky. My flight left at 5:15 p.m. My Supershuttle pickup time was scheduled for 2:35 p.m. I arrived at the airport at 4:28 and BARELY had time to check my bag as there is a 45 minute minimum requirement. In addition, I had to RUN to my gate, was the last person on my flight, and they were in the process of closing the gate and giving my seat away. I am certain I am the only person on my shuttle who was able to make their flight because mine was the latest on the shuttle. This is absolutely unacceptable and I will NEVER use Supershuttle again. I am telling everyone I know not to.

Avaliado por: Richard J , Novembro 2015

The limo was overloaded. I had to wait for next ride. Took way too long to get to the hotel. I had purchased round trip ticket to go back to the airport from the hotel but the service was so bad, I took a cab instead. Cost me 60 to take a cab and 19.99 on the return viator ticket that I did not use but I could not risk the limo taking as long as the hotel trip from the airport or I would be late for airline check in.

Avaliado por: A H , Junho 2015

I was notified that there was no shuttle service to the airport on June 1..

Avaliado por: Patti M , USA, Julho 2010

Shuttle was late without a phone call to inform me of what the situation was. Sent yellow cab to the wrong pickup address which made it more late.