• Local: Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos
  • Duração: 60 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: dsdba , Janeiro 2017

Loved every second of it. We booked the sunset around 5:00pm in January but couldn't really see to much because of the weather. But that didn't matter, it was a great view! We had no line and were rushed up to the top after a little reception time.

Avaliado por: kerry.grubb.civ , Janeiro 2017

The trip was more than well worth it! The extremely long lines and waiting that come with the less expensive tickets made paying the extra well worth it. My wife and I went after sunset and the view was amazing. Drinks and dates were delicious. We're from New York City, and we were impressed! The posed pictures were a little pricey, in line with Dubai though. Oh, the ticket also allowed you to bypass the lines leaving!! HUGE!

Avaliado por: Alan B , Novembro 2016

Fantastic experience at 148 stories in the air. We researched and went back and forth on whether to buy the cheaper tickets and only visit the 124th floor and with the main crowd lots of people or buy the more expensive At the top SKY tickets. I have a fear of heights and didn't want to be stuck in a huge crowd both in the elevator and on the 124th floor for the viewing experience.
So we decided the more expensive SKY ticket would be worth it for us. With the SKY ticket you get to wait in a private room and served Arabian coffee and some small treats. There were maybe 20 people waiting with us in the room. Within a few minutes we were taken to a special line where we went through security and started our trek to the elevators. During this walk we stopped a couple of times for our Tour Hostess to explain the design and building of the Burj Khalifa as we watched electronic video of the Burj being built.
Several minutes later we entered our private SKY ticket elevator. I noticed a long line of people waiting for an elevator to take them to the 124th floor ie: standard ticket. The elevators are remarkable! They whisk you up at a rapid pace but yet there is little to none of movement or noise within the elevator itself. The floor numbers were clicking off at about one floor per second. I was amazed and wondered how much these elevators cost!
As we traveled up to the 125th floo,r which is only for the SKY ticket holders, there was a video shown on the walls of the elevator showing more of the process of the building the Burj Khalifa and views from the top. I was getting a little nervous :-
Once we exited into the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa it was quite breath taking. But I had no fear. It's all glassed in and it is so high it didn't create the panicy feeling I get other times. Servers waited with offerings of tasty treats and cool drinks for us.
Well, the views from this observation deck at this altitude was simply fantastic. And it was not crowded with hundreds of people as I've heard floor 124 is. We spent about 45 minutes or so on the 148th floor and watched the sunset. This is a really special time to be at the SKY observation deck as the sunset is just tremendous!! See the pics I've attached.
As the sun set we then entered our elevator to go down to the 125th floor. We stayed here for 20 minutes or so and bought some keepsakes. Then we took an elevator down to 1st floor and walked the mall a bit.
In summary, for us the SKY entrance tickets were well worth the extra cost. Considering, for most people this is a once in a lifetime experience it is worth it to spend the extra money and have one of the most exciting experiences of your life.
To watch the sun set at the Burj Khalifa book your tour at 4:30 to 5:00. The sun sets appx 6:30 but you'll need that time to get up there and relax with the views before the sun sets.

Avaliado por: Peter , Novembro 2016

Amazing tower, amazing view, amazing tour -- it's definitely worth the extra money to skip the queue and get to the 148th floor! Compared to the 125th, where it's pretty difficult to get close to the windows, there was much less crowd and it was easy to take great photos. We were there at peak period, so we could see Dubai from the top both before and after sunset -- the latter is really-really great!

Avaliado por: Jacqueline K , Outubro 2016

I thought this was quite an expensive tour when I booked it but my husband and I were very glad we had paid the extra to go to the 'Top' It was an amazing experience, and we were very glad to miss the que which was heading off into the shopping mall.

Avaliado por: bcaves88 , Setembro 2016

Well worth paying the extra money to get to the 148th! Plenty of time at the top to chill out and enjoy the view before descending. This is a must for every visitor to Dubai!!!!

Avaliado por: ncconte , Agosto 2016

It was great!. Paying extra but worth it.

Avaliado por: Markus L , Julho 2016

Super Erlebnis. Organisation vor Ort perfekt.

Avaliado por: Julio F , Julho 2016

magnificent unforgettable experience

Avaliado por: DAN W , Julho 2016

Absolutly awesome. A must!

Avaliado por: Jean K , Julho 2016

Lots of fun. The view was amazing and the ability to see the Burj from the top floor was amazing.

Avaliado por: Patricia E , Julho 2016

This visit was absolutely amazing, the views from the 148th floor were out of this world, I would highly recommend this to my family and friends, and I hope I will be doing it again soon

Avaliado por: robbie.hindson , Junho 2016

Excellent the view was breathtaking

Avaliado por: Jo R , Junho 2016

Well worth paying to go to the higher floor. There is a difference up higher and you can go outside! Snacks and skip the line were nice and there was a big queue to go in so I found it worth the extra. Great experience!!

Avaliado por: Joanne Z , Junho 2016


Avaliado por: russ m , Junho 2016

Great views, busy but well organised, don't go if you are afraid of heights!

Avaliado por: gurpreetkaur_15 , Junho 2016

amazing service by the tour guide

Avaliado por: cassandragordon , Junho 2016

Highly recommend going to the very top.. We enjoyed the 148th floor over the other 2 floors!!

Avaliado por: Olaf S , Junho 2016

der Blick aus 550m Höhe ist atemberaubend

Avaliado por: dusiewiczj , Maio 2016

Beat the long, crazy lines with this VIP ticket! Enter a private room where they provide dates and coffee. I felt so important, ha! The view from t he 148th especially the outside patio is spectacular. The refreshing mint tea served hit the spot. When I went down to the public viewing on the 125th floor I didn't even stay long - way too many people. This is worth the extra money and I enjoyed cutting the lines on the way down too! :

Avaliado por: Joseph M , Maio 2016

I would recommend going up to the 148th floor, i mean how many times in life will you get to do that?

Avaliado por: Helmut E , Maio 2016

keine Wartezeit, keine Hektik, kein Zeitdruck - alles TOP

Avaliado por: garrison s , Maio 2016

Wonderful choice to buy these tickets to go to the top! View was amazing, of course, as expected, but the ability to skip lines and be whisked to the 148th floor and enjoy leisurely time there and refreshments complimentary was a luxury. Able to get near the windows and take lots of pictures and take in views from all sides. This ticket was well worth the extra cost of merely going to floors 124/125. Later we went to those floors and it was jammed, people pushing and shoving to get near a window. Pay for the 148th floor and enjoy this experience!

Avaliado por: Wilhelm S , Abril 2016

Es war ein tolles Erlebnis.Einen zweiten Besuch würden wir bei Tageslicht buchen und hoffen, dass eine gute Fernsicht herscht.

Avaliado por: Klaus-Werner A , Abril 2016

Superservice.Voll zu empfehlen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!