• Local: Florença, Itália
  • Duração: 2 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Gloria W , Novembro 2016

Be prepared to be awestruck! We were so glad we took the tour of the Duomo. Our tour guide gave us special insight and helped us to understand the complexity of the building of this structure. We were able to climb to the top and the view was worth it. My daughter-in-law, Kaila, and I are a bit claustrophobic but we weren't going to let that stop us!! We were so proud when we made it to the top via the winding staircase! GO on this tour!

Avaliado por: Stephanie L , Outubro 2016

Very knowledgeable and enjoyable

Avaliado por: Sergio M , Outubro 2016

The tour guide to the Duomo, Hilaria, was excellent! She was very clear to understand and knew a lot and was patient and pleasant.

Sergio and Lucille

Avaliado por: Claire C , Outubro 2016

I want to highly encourage travelers to take this tour! I apologize for not remembering the young lady's name who was our tour guide but her delivery of information was fantastic, the pace of the tour perfect and taking us to the first top level of the Duomo fantastic. Do take the walk to the top of the Duomo you will not regret it and spend the time to look over the city of Florence, you will forever have a lasting memory.

Avaliado por: hrachyan , Setembro 2016

The tour was amazing and one could not have dreamed of a better guide than Maria! Definitely worth going! An unforgettable experience and must see in Florence!

Avaliado por: Lindsay S , Setembro 2016

My favorite tour of the 11 tours we took during our trip. Very cool.

Avaliado por: Morris L. C , Agosto 2016

Very educational.

Avaliado por: David C , Julho 2016

Excellent tour. Fantastic guide. Well worth the time and money to see this architectural treasure.

Avaliado por: Brian G , Julho 2016

The tour of the church and crypts were interesting but the view from the terrace, the inner catwalk and the top of the Duomo were worth the price. If you're going to do the tour this is the way to go. Our tour guide was informative and knowledgeable. This tour also was by voice not headset.

Avaliado por: angela h , Julho 2016

Our tour was great and our guide Maria omg she was awesome pasionet loved her information she was so awesome about it she almost had a tear in her eye. What a great great great experience !!! Loved it

Avaliado por: Mara K , Julho 2016

Our guide was wonderful and we never would have learned as much about the Duomo just walking through on our own. The climb to the top and the views were absolutely spectacular. I will never forget the sight of Florence at our feet! the 500 steps were definitely worth it!!

Avaliado por: Randall L , Junho 2016

This was a great tour with a very knowledgeable guide. We quickly gained access to areas not generally available to the public. I would highly recommend it.

Avaliado por: Kathleen G , Junho 2016

Our tour was great despite the fact that we were separated and held up for a short while in the duomo staircase. Once we gained our special access to the 2nd floor rooftop - it was worth the wait! Our guide was well informed and the views of Florence were spectacular

Avaliado por: Dawn A , Junho 2016

Our tour guide, Maria, was very knowledgeable and it was obvious that she loved everything about the Duomo and its secrets! It was a bit confusing to figure out where to meet for the tour, but we waited until we saw someone else with the same tickets as us. The tour ended on one of the terraces about 1/3 of the way to the top of the cupola. We had a great view from the terrace not open to the general public. Had we not taken the tour, I wouldn't have appreciated the Cathedrale as much as I did. We then were able to climb the stairs to the rest of the top of the Duomo. Well worth the effort and sweat!!

Avaliado por: Ibrahim I , Junho 2016

100 worth it. We were able to get skip-the-line privileges and access to several areas that are not usually open to the public. Breathtaking views from the Duomo terraces and the top of the cupola.

Avaliado por: William O , Maio 2016

Tour guide very informative.

Avaliado por: nansanto6 , Abril 2016

We climbed to the top of the world so it seemed. What an awesome view of Florence from the dome. Our guide, Christina was very good, giving us all the background info on the cathedral and the builders .I'm so glad I was in physical shape to do all the climbing required. The museum was great too.

Avaliado por: COLIN S , Março 2016

There were only two of us and the guide was excellent. We were taken to places not usually seen by the public.

Avaliado por: Amy N , Outubro 2015

excellent, the tour guide was very informative and pleasant

Avaliado por: Ken , Outubro 2015

Great tour!! We had a very informative video presentation of the history of the Duomo which included depictions of how the cathedral and duomo were constructed in the 1400's. Then we were given access to the 463 stone steps to climb to the very top. We made a stop about 1/3 of the way up for a tour of some of the terraces and then back to the climb to the top. This tour is highly recommended as long as you are not susceptible to claustrophobia. The stairway is very narrow and has to accommodate two directions of people on the staircase. The day we went it was pretty crowded in that staircase with periods of time where you are stuck waiting for people to move and you have people directly in front of you and directly behind you, with people moving downward at one side. However, the view and the experience at the top is well worth the effort and slight discomfort.

Avaliado por: David S , Agosto 2015

Fantastic! Must do, but the advertised use of the Duomo ticket for 24 hours is a bit misleading. You can't come back in to climb the Dome the next morning without queuing, and if you climb the dome, you have to queue to get back in to see the crypts... A better explanation is needed upfront....

Avaliado por: Chris E , United States of America, Julho 2015

Very cool tour! We watched a 30 minute video about the history of the Duomo first. Then we were brought into the Duomo and given a very detailed tour of every aspect of it inside. And I mean VERY DETAILED! It was almost too much information, to be honest. One of the other people on the tour said to me, I hope there isn't a quiz at the end. We got to go into places where normal tourists don't go inside the Duomo, which was cool. Then, we started our ascent up the stairs to the upper levels. We went into this room with several statues, and then out this door onto the upper terraces of the Duomo. This was incredibly awesome! The views were incredible! After about 15 - 20 minutes on the terraces, the guide left us and we were able to continue our way up the stairs to the top of the Duomo. Incredible!

Avaliado por: Mark B , Janeiro 2017

Climb to the terrace and the top of the dome was fantastic. Could have spent a bit more time in the museum under the floor and the tour guide was good but I would say she was excellent. All logistics were exactly as advertised. Would definitely do this again!

Avaliado por: Lori , Canada, Outubro 2016

Great way to see the Duomo without any lineups or waits. There was a delay in getting our group started but once we were off, it was great. There were some people on a cruise and were pressed for time and had to leave earlier. Plan accordingly if you're considering this for a cruise port excursion.
The climb to the top is worth it, beautiful views of the city.

Avaliado por: Fernand R , Julho 2016

The best part of this is the skip-the-line perk!
The and #39;hidden and #39; terrace was and #39;ok and #39; and of course the climbing of the dome is fantastic!
The ruin tour below the Cathedral was a nice surprise and added bonus.