• Local: Florença, Itália
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Alison E , Setembro 2016

The tour was fantastic, great drivers - really friendly and accommodating - even let me charge my cell phone on the way in the van, the guides at our stops were just awesome too, very informative and friendly. wouldn't hesitate to book another tour!!!

Avaliado por: Casey A , Agosto 2016

Christian was a great guide and gave us good insight into the wine region of Tuscany. The history of Siena was provided through the experience of a local resident.

Avaliado por: Nicoletti D , Julho 2016

It was a small group of 8 of us on this tour. We had a lovely dinner at a great restaurant with different wine pairings for every course. I also enjoyed exploring Siena and San Gimignano. Our tour guide, Christian, was also very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this trip!

Avaliado por: Tom S , Julho 2016

This was a FABULOUS trip. We were on an 11 day cruise with excursions every day, and this trip while we were staying in Florence after the cruise was a delight. Go and see Siena!

Avaliado por: Miles P , Junho 2016

Great, I would have no trouble recommending this to others.

Avaliado por: DOVM , Israel, Junho 2016

Interestins. Very well organized. Wanderful gides. Beautiful places and good food and wine.

Avaliado por: Jeanne R , Junho 2016

This was an absolutely fantastic tour!!! We drove in comfort, super good tour guides and some time to explore on our own. Dinner and wine after a beautiful sunset. Would highly recommend!!!!

Avaliado por: Kim B , United States of America, Junho 2016

Valerio, tour guide was terrific. Was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to show us things. Definitely recommend him as a guide and this trip. Siena was great and winery was unique experience.

Avaliado por: Glenn M , Junho 2016

It was one of the best part of our trip to Italy. I am so glad that I booked this tour.

Avaliado por: Vicky L , Abril 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Leticia C , Maio 2015

Not only were the drivers who accompanied us - Eliseu and Giacomo - the sweetest people ever, but the guide from Siena was clearly proud of her city. I would have liked a little more time in San Gimignano, and to have known it was a place so cute for shopping, though. The Chianti Dinner: absolutely delicious.

Avaliado por: Michael B , Setembro 2014

An Excellent trip to a lovely city, a charming young lady vintner for our wine tasting who joined in the humour that abounded in our small group trip: Ciao Bella

Avaliado por: Sylviesteinbach , Setembro 2016

Christian was a pleasant and entertaining guide who took us to Siena first before San Gimignano. The walking tour of Siena could have been shorter see later in my review why or it could have included more extensive specialty tasting. Either way, San Gimignano is lovely with an award winning gelato shop on the right side through the entrance. Then the drive into deep Tuscany country would have been better if done one hour sooner Siena took too long as we arrived at night end of September to the estate. We missed some photo opportunities. The meal was alright and the tasting very limited to below half a glass each time. The place used to produce wine so your dinner takes place in the cellar room which is inviting. A nice ride over all but the meal and the fact that it was dark at our final destination force me to give it 4 stars only.

Avaliado por: SUCHDEEP B , Setembro 2016

Guide was very informative. Did not provide guide at San Gimignano. The dinner was more than one hour away from San Gemignano! Dinner seemed to be homemade and delicious

Avaliado por: Catherine H , Junho 2016

This was a great excursion but it could have been a whole day trip. Siena and San Gimignano were beautiful but we only had 1 hour in each place. We would have loved to stay longer. The dinner was delicious and we enjoyed getting to know our group. We had a small glitch when we noticed a flat tire prior to leaving but it was quickly resolved and we were on our way.

Avaliado por: Chun Kit Adrian C , Junho 2016

Friendly tour-guides, well organized. Took us to all the main places. However, the food could have been better.

Avaliado por: Jean B , Junho 2016

The tour guides were excellent. Siena was interesting and the walking tour was well done. We enjoyed San Gimignano very much and the time there went by quickly. Dinner was good but not memorable. For that reason, the 4 stars vs. 5.

Avaliado por: Robert F , Maio 2016

The tour was generally very good but could have been better. I hope these comments are taken in the spirit in which they are given, to make the experience better for future travelers, at least in my opinion. There could easily be some narrative of the region that could be played during the drive from Florence to Siena. The driver could simply put in a tape or C/D with a description of the region, even if the narrative lasted for only three or four minutes, it would be a helpful orientation. It would be wonderful if the tour included entry into the Duomo in Siena. Luckily, I was there many years ago but my wife missed out on the opportunity to enter the beautiful Church. It would also be helpful to have a map of San Gimignano so we would have some idea of its size and where we were going. We were dumped at an entrance to the walled city and told to be back at a certain time. We were unsure of how far we could wander and felt we had to keep on a safe track so as not to go astray. A simple town map would have been very helpful and prevented some anxiety. With that said, the tour was beautiful, dinner was very enjoyable and were were happy to have done it. It could easily be made even better.

Avaliado por: anna v , Novembro 2015

this was great tour, just wish we had more time in Siena and San Gimignano

Avaliado por: mforrest11 , Junho 2015

We had a great time on this tour! The travel time was a little longer than I had guessed for it to be but the scenery was beautiful! Our driver was very kind but quiet. Our tour guide in Siena was very informative. The wine tasting and dinner at the end of the evening was delicious!

Avaliado por: Sylvia R , Dezembro 2014

The tour was amazing, but i guess it could be better if lasted all day long

Avaliado por: cgilmer0427 , Dezembro 2014

Very good. Dinner was quite good but not as described by past participants. More of old winery turned into a dining hall. Had this been packed with people I would have been disappointed. Seeing we were the only small group, it was fine. People that get car sick should avoid.

Avaliado por: Lynda , Outubro 2015

Great guide in Sienna and we enjoyed being able to walk around San Gimignano. The meal in the vineyard was very underwelming and nothing that a mediocre cook would not be able to prepare on a weekday night