• Local: Freeport, Bahamas
  • Duração: 4 horas (aproximadamente)

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Randall T , Agosto 2016

Brice did a great job getting us to and from our excursion. John was a great boat captain, getting us to the reef before the other boats and tourists arrived. A very nice excursion. Thank you!

Avaliado por: Francisco B , Fevereiro 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: S NATASHA S , Dezembro 2014

My excursion was awesome! My cruise changed the ports from Freeport on Wednesday to Friday. I was able to call the company and they changed my excursion date from Wednesday to Friday with no problems and we appreciated it. Our guide Bryce was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was worth the cost. We were able to snorkel from 130p to 430p at our leisure all equipment was included. The only additional cost was the floatation device , locker and food at Paradise Cove which is all optional. I will definitely use Fran Tours again and recommend them to my friends and family when they visit Freeport. Thanks for making my trip a memorable experience!

Avaliado por: Deirdre R , Outubro 2014

We were picked up right on time. We were the only ones to get on the bus but the guide was still amazing. We learned a lot about the island. We got to the beach and it was beautiful. We saw a lot of fish and we found a lot of coral. We had drinks and cochlear fritters. I highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: David K , Agosto 2014

Our family had a great time on this excursion at less cost than Carnivals excursion that was at the beach next to us. Our family of 4 had the beach to ourselves for the first hour and for the next 2 hours only 5 other people were on our stretch of beach. Good snorkelling and a super clean snack bar/ bar/ bathroom/ shower building.

Avaliado por: Jeffrey W , Setembro 2014

A little rough getting started, but once we got started it was nice. It was a out of the way cove which was clean and well maintained. The snorkeling area was "picked over well". The food and drink service was top notch. Not a five star, due to lack of luxury atmosphere. We enjoyed it!

Avaliado por: Chad M , Agosto 2014

Very nice experience, the beach was beautiful and transportation to and from the cruise ship was great.The tour guides were very friendly and helpful.

Avaliado por: chrst2dn , Abril 2015

The pick-up time for both excursions I booked was at 8:30 am, with all of us going to Paradise Cove. One pick up was in front of Senoir Frogs and the other pick up at the cruise terminal. We did not know that Senoir Frog was a mile walk from the terminal. Since we were all in the same party and going to the same place, we just assumed we could all be picked up in front of the cruise terminal although how we could all have the same pick up time at two different locations was beyond me. So after calling Fran's Tour pick up service, we were finally picked up at 9:00 am. The guide was very informative about the island, but once we got to Paradise Cove, she gave me daughter and her boyfriend their snorkel gear, placed a few drops of baby shampoo in the masks, took us to the desk to pay the fee for the island and told us they would be debriefed by someone else about where they could and couldn't go. She left to do another tour and said she would be back. As soon as my daughter got out to the water and went to put the mask on, it broke. She went up to the people where we checked in and they called the tour company. The gentlemen named Brice answered the phone and told her that his wife was on another tour and she might be able to bring another mask back in an hour or so. So at this point the pick-up was 30 mins late, the mask was broke and my daughter missed out on an hour of snorkeling time. I personally called Brice and he questioned me as to whether she went over the equipment with us. I told him that no she did not, and he proceeded to tell me that basically it was his wife's word against ours and that he could actually charge me 25.00 for damaged equipment. I had three other witnesses that could vouch that she did in fact not go over the equipment with us. He told me she would be back by 10:45 to drop another mask off. When she did come back with the mask, she still didn't go over with my daughter the mask to make sure it was not broken or worn in any way.

Avaliado por: Dana N , Janeiro 2015

Read the details carefully. The snorkeling doesn't include a life jacket. You have to pay extra for it. If only purchased the transport excursion, it does not include the "entrance fee" to sit on their beach. We did the afternoon option. The beach closes at 5. Our driver came back at 5:55. Scary!

Avaliado por: Leigh H , Dezembro 2016

Had to wait forever for the and #34;guide and #34; to pick us up! The snorkel equipment was and #34;used. and #34; Will only book this type of excursion through the cruise line in the future.

Avaliado por: Belinda L , Agosto 2016

- Our trip was suppose to be approximately 4 hours, but we ended up only having 2.5 - 3 hours from the time we were scheduled to get picked up to the time we got dropped off with no explanation.

- Our group was not comfortable with swimming, so I made sure that there was going to be a guide with us the whole time, taking us out to and from the reef. The representative at Viator, after confirming with the local business, told me that there would be someone taking us to and from the reef but when I got there we were told that they don't provide that service. Only half of our group felt comfortable swimming out but because it was our first time and we didn't have a guide, we weren't able to make it to the other side of the reef where we were told to go, because of the limited time we had. The only reason I booked this excursion is because I was told that there would be someone guiding us the whole time, I knew that my group didn't feel comfortable going on their own.

- The ticket we received clearly stated that we were going to Paradise Cove but it got changed last minute to Crystal beach, also without an explanation. The only comment I received was that the reef was the same at this beach. There was only one other family at the beach, so it felt a bit too secluded.

- The van that we were picked up in was very run down, the seats were falling apart. I didn't expect a very fancy van by any means but I did not see any write about this in the reviews, someone even got picked up in a limousine!

- Only positive is that the driver waited for us even though our ship experienced delays when we got to the port which I also checked with them beforehand about and the driver was friendly.

- Only book here if you feel comfortable snorkeling on your own, you will NOT have someone swimming with you to and from the reef and beware of the tour guide/ driver cutting the excursion time short!

Avaliado por: Robin A , Janeiro 2016

We didn't go. It was raining and very windy, not great conditions for a beach outing.

Avaliado por: Shirley P , Julho 2014

Weather was bad beach was not clear not good at all