• Local: Freeport, Bahamas
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Janet P , Julho 2016

The tour guide gave us history on the ride to Lucayan National Park which was informative and allowed you to appreciate the island more. We visited 2 beaches both awesomely beautiful and he even took us on a brief detour on the way back to the port to show us a castle, straw market, and the tourist side of the island. Would definitely recommend this tour, as we were able to relax and enjoy.

Avaliado por: Amy B , Julho 2016

Awesome tour!! Loved our guide. Everyone we encountered with the company was very helpful and very nice!!

Avaliado por: roberts_janis , Junho 2016

Although our thoughts of the national park were different than found, we still enjoyed our excursion. The staff were excellent with their easily identifiable uniforms. They were helpful in getting us in the correct location upon getting off the ship. No problems existed even though we were days late due to our ship being diverted. We would use them again! Thanks for such ease!

Avaliado por: Mark E , Fevereiro 2015

Our tour guide was Biggy and he did a great job. He was very knowledgable about the history of the island and the Lucayan National Park

The caves were entrances into the underground rivers. The nature trails around the caves are very pretty. The beach was amazing

What a great tour

Avaliado por: olivier w , Setembro 2014

Nous avions réservé cette excursion au départ du port de Freeport, à l’occasion d’une escale avec la compagnie NCL. J’avais quelques crainte ayant eu des échos négatifs concernant l’entreprise locale chargée d’assurer l’excursion. Et bien finalement nous avons passé une journée de rêve avec un chauffeur formidable, une journée très bien organisée. Nous étions dans le bus avec des passager du bateau qui eux avaient réservé l’exsuccion avec la compagnie et avait payé beaucoup plus cher que nous ! Le parc de Lucayan et les caves sont un endroit magique, il n’y avait que nous sur la plage… nous avons même vu une raie de 1,5 m à 30 m du bord. Ensuite la deuxième halte s’est faite sur une autre plage paradisiaque, il y avait juste un restau, ou chacun avait le choix de se restaurer ou non, et nous avons pu nous baigner. Ce sont les plu belle plages que nous ayons vu. Aucune urbanisation : juste du sable blanc et de l’eau transparente….

Avaliado por: Jessica S , Dezembro 2013

Tour guide was great, wanted to spend more time at Luciyan beach. All in all a great time and good value.

Avaliado por: Christopher C , Dezembro 2013

A great value and a nice way to see The Bahamas. Kevin from Heaven gave us a very knowledgeable tour, including an appreciation for local music. The park and beach took my breath away. Amazing lunch at the restaurant.

Avaliado por: theironraul , Dezembro 2014

Bus driver was excellent: a great job of locating booked customers at the cruise terminal and then providing a great summary history and info session about the island while driving. The locations were as advertised. Overall the tour was even better than expected and it was a great value for the money. It was much cheaper and better than the options provided by our cruise provider.

Avaliado por: Jan G , Dezembro 2013

The tour was everything promised but it did start out weird. There were no instructions on who or where to meet. At the port we asked around and were shuffled from one friendly face to another. We finally found a tour group that made some calls and added us to their group although they did not seem to be expecting us . After that we had a fine time with a terrific tour guide who showed us the ecosystems nd natural history of the island and a spectacular beach right out of the Pirates movie. Finally to a beach club whet we bought the best conch fritters I ever had. He then made a special trip to return us to our dock in plenty of time. So a good experience but some logistical issues. I do wonder what may have happens if this we had not found this tour group in a bustling port. Likely we'd have a very different review.

Avaliado por: Thomas W , Outubro 2013

The best part about this tour BY FAR were the 2 beaches we stopped at: Gold Rocks Beach and one other beach, both private and PRISTINE. This is where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, and it was unbelievably gorgeous! The tour guide was very nice and funny, but I wish we would have rushed more through the park tour on our own quickly to spend more time on the beach! We were gone all day and felt that we got a lot for our money!

Avaliado por: Tracy S , Janeiro 2013

Once we got past some confusion in regard to overbooking and having to wait for a larger bus, we enjoyed the tour. Biggie our Guide was very informative about local history and information. The caves were small but interesting. The walk to the beach nice, Gold Rock Beach was breathtaking!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Setembro 2012

The cave is not huge, but most caves on islands are not. All of the bats in it was cool and I loved where they dropped you off for lunch. It was a nice resturant on the beach. I would highly recommend the banana bread and conch fritters!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Setembro 2012


Avaliado por: CRAIG G , Maio 2011

Guide was informative, Lucayan NP caves were OK but small the main reason I wanted to go on this excursion was to hang out at Golden Beach and that was great!!!

Avaliado por: Ulrike M , Dezembro 2013

Der Park war absolut uninteressant,es war nur ein hingekarre dann wurden wir in einer Runde durch den Park geschickt um dann auf der anderen Straßenseite über Stege zum Strand weitergeleitet. Der Strand war allerdings sehr schön und wir konnten auch baden. Die Mittagspause fand auch an einem schönen Strand statt, aber das Essen war sehr teuer und hätte nach drei stunden wirklich nicht sein müssen. Damit überbrückte man natürlich die zeit um uns danach wieder zurück zu bringen.

Avaliado por: David H , Julho 2013

We were picked up promptly at the dock and transferred to a smaller tour bus at the Straw Market. We made three additional stops at area hotels to pick up more passengers. We were about 10 miles from the Park when our driver/guide got a call about additional passengers. We waited on the side of the road for 15 minutes and then doubled back to meet a bus with the other folks. After leaving Freeport at 10 AM, we finally arrived at the Park at 11:45. The caves (really just sinkholes) were OK, but the beach was incredible. Would like to have had more time there. On the way back to Freeport we stopped at a nice beachfront restaurant for lunch. The food was good and the prices reasonable. Our driver/guide was great - very knowledgeable and friendly. Would have been 4 stars except for the delays.

Avaliado por: Carolyn R , Novembro 2012

would like to have stayed longer at the beach and not as long at the National Park area.

Avaliado por: granr1ta , Junho 2016

This tour was not as described. We were picked up in a large bus that carried overnight passengers to their hotel and then we proceeded to three other hotels to pick up tour members. After a hour and half we were on our way to the caves, which ended up being the old entrance to the underwater cave.

Avaliado por: polly , Julho 2014

The national park is great, but the tour overall experience is not that great.

Long story short, the tour company does not have a bus dedicated to cruise ship route, they only have one bus circling several hotels at freeport for the lucayan national park tour. We were picked up at the cruise port by one bus and then transfer to the tour bus, which was circling around freeport for over an hour before heading to the national park. We stayed at the national park for less then 2 hours to explore two caves and the beach. And then we were sent to a beach restaurant for lunch. The beach view is great, but food there is salty and expensive, not recommended.

The worst part is the trip back, since I have mentioned that they do not have a bus dedicated to cruise ship, the bus we were on would not send us back to the cruise port. After a long drive of dropping off all guests to their hotels, we were dropped off at lucayan market, with no clear instruction on how to get back to the port. After on and off and bouncing back and forth on several tour buses, we finally got on one which is with the same company and willing to send us back to the port. We finally made it back before the cut-off time.

Horrible experience. Would not recommend any one in the future.

Avaliado por: Geraldine H , Março 2012

I was very disappointed in this trip. We were given the incorrect time to catch the bus - had to take another bus to catch up to ours. The Lucayan National Park was not at all what I expected - there was no visitor center, the caves were very small (looked more like a small homemade pond with a few rocks around it ) , the bathroom facility was an outhouse. The beach was also a big disappointment - most of the sand area was covered with dead trees, there was no place to change into bathing suits, and we only had about an hour to spend at the beach. Most of the trip it seemed was spent riding on the bus and unfortunately it was through a part of the country with very little to look at. I definitely would not recommend this trip.